Mar 182011

Minsk Report – June 28-29, 2018

Minsk is very clean and spacious city. We were a small team of 5 that arrived to pray in Minsk, 3 from Germany and 2 from France. The plan of action was quickly decided. Mass murder and the Jewish history had marked the history of Belarus.

So the first morning we went to Maly Troscianiec, a place in the forest just outside Minsk where the Nazis had killed 206 000 people with guns and pistols from 1941 to 1944, among these 150 000 Jews. Now, there was a new place of commemoration made and the presidents of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, amongst others, were coming for the inauguration the next day to recognize their respective nations’ guilt. ( So, it was very key to go and pray in this place. We didn’t know about this event before we planned the dates of the trip. We believe this is very important for the healing of the nations.

In the afternoon, we went to where the old Jewish ghetto was. We started by going into the synagogue there and to our surprise we were warmly welcomed by the rabbi who showed us around and shared with us about the synagogues and the Jews in the city. All this despite the busy program he had with the inauguration the day after.

From there we went up to the park and around the stones of commemoration sent from different German city of their recognition of the killing of the Jews sent from their cities to be executed in Minsk. The place was still heavy and oppressive. Minsk was once 50% Jewish and this place was definitely an important place to pray. It will probably need more prayers as well, but we were glad we could participate in bringing this place before the throne of God.

We took the bus direction north to a Jewish social center with a quick prayer of blessing there. Then we walked to an orthodox Jewish synagogue. We were welcomed in and had some prayers of blessings there as well. And the first day was finished.

The second day, we went to another place of mass murder, this time it was the Russians who has killed between 30,000 and 200,000 people. This was only 5-6 km from the center of Minsk on the north side, so we took the bus there. This place was not recognized by the Russians for the genocide and when we got there the police were there. They didn’t stop us, but they were reporting our arrival. It was an impressive place. There were crosses on both sides of a forest road maybe 800m long. There were also many smaller crosses in the forest around were thousands of skeletons were laying in the earth. This day was a day when a group, fighting for this place and its history to become known and recognized as a genocide place, had an event. They wanted to protest because there had been a restaurant built on the skulls. We joined in on this. There were only 20-25 people; people are afraid of Russia and repression. And the police were there to intimidate us and bring fear. The following day as an example of this, 3 of the people who had participated in the protest were put in prison for 10 days!!
When we had finished and went back to the bus stop, the polish ambassador came with his team to put down flowers as an act of commemorating and honoring the dead.

In the afternoon we went to the parliament, an impressive building from communist times with a big statue of Lenin in the front. We were not even allowed to get close to see what was written on the walls before the guard came to chase us away. So, we had to pray from a distance of about 100m. We prayed for a change and for the wall of separation between the people and the institution might fall down in particular. It feels like an empty and hollow place. We believe change is coming to the nation and prayed for the politics to favor that, like, for example, in the last 2 years, one doesn’t need a visa to visit Belarus for less than 5 days. It’s a beginning of opening up doors to come to this beautiful nation. Let it continue…..

Mar 182011

Kiev Report – July 1-2, 2018

Kiev is also a beautiful city with wide avenues and a lot of monuments. But as we arrived there, it started to rain and it was rather cold while we were there ; 15°C and rain on and off, compared to 30°C normally this time of the year. A team from a House of Prayer joined us and guided us around the city. It was such a help.

We started to walk the Khreschatyk street, which is the most famous street in the city. We walked in the middle as it was closed off from traffic for the weekend. We prayed for many things walking the street up to the Maiden square, also called the Square of Independence. At the Maiden square 118 civilians were shot by snipers during the demonstrations in Feb 2014. Our team said many of the snipers were in the hotel on the photo behind the statue of the woman representing Ukraine. It was a heavy price for the freedom. In this place we prayed into the identity of Ukraine, a beautiful virgin. God’s heart goes out to her. In this decisive time, we prayed she could turn towards God. There is a war in the eastern part of Ukraine where Russia is trying to get more land. We believe if Ukraine turns to God in this time, God will protect and give peace in the land.

After a late lunch, we finished walking the main street and went to an overlook with a view to the other parts of the city by the river Dnieper, the forth longest river in Europe. Our day of prayer finished here. We went to the House of Prayer in the suburbs of Kiev afterwards where we had a session in the prayer room before some food and fellowship. The locals were such a blessing in hosting us in the city.

The next day, we met up by the national museum. Outside was where the oldest church had been. The foundation wall was rebuilt over the ground. But this place also had a lot of worship stones, a totem and other monuments for pagan worship. This was definitely a place of spiritual intensity where the pagan gods/spirits wanted to break out. We saw signs of recent sacrifices and initiation to call on the spirits. We prayed at these places, knowing that our prayers have much more authority and destroy the efforts of the pagan worshipers. But this was also a place where St. Andrew had come and prophesied that revival would come and that the fire of revival would spread. We prayed into those prophecies and we stood on the foundations of the first church.

After this we walked through an area with a lot of statues and churches (orthodox). We took a team photo in front of one of these monuments. To the left is St Andrew, the apostle. In the middle is a queen of Ukraine that helped establish Christianity in the country and then to the right, Methode and Cyril, the brothers and apostles bringing the gospel in writing to the Slavic people. They are proud of their Christian faith and they honor people God used for that purpose.

In the end we went to the parliament to pray there. It was raining a bit and not very pleasant, but we still had a good time of prayer. We prayed concerning the corruption and a change of the old system; for more young people to come into the parliament and make the changes needed. During the demonstrations in Feb 2014, many of the statues of Lenin were pulled down by the people around in the city and the nation. The reality of those acts needs to manifest in the government and the nation in general. It is time for that change.

May 042018

Bucharest Report April 18-20, 2018

We were a group of 10 people from abroad arriving in Bucharest, not having much information before coming there. But we were welcomed well by River of Life Church. There were about 10 people from the church praying with us in the capital every day. That was a real blessing. They also blessed us with all meals paid for in different restaurants. The Romanians have a clear gift of hospitality and generosity.

We were also able to be a blessing to them. At least that was said several times. In the preparation we got a clear direction about where to go in the capital. The first 2 days we went to 5 places that formed a shape of a bow on the map. We started with the old town, where the capital was first founded. We walked around that area before lunch and through every street in the area after lunch. That was a very thorough prayer time.

The next day we started at the point 0 km, where major things happened in December 1989 and thus the name: Place of 21 December 1989. The nation got rid of communism, but we still prayed concerning this and the mentality that still is stuck in the old. We had some good prayers and prophetic acts at the Memorial of rebirth about this.

We then went to the government building where we had some more prayers about the corruption and the covenant with death from the communist times. Vision was given about underground labyrinth, which was confirmed by the Romanians. It’s about to crumble and things will change in the government.

The last of the 5 places was the Carol Park Mausoleum. They say it’s a memory of the heroes for the freedom for socialism. But as we went there, it’s clear that it’s a Freemason place with probably very strong activity today. The Freemasons always come up with some nice monument to cover up their real intention. So, we discerned this and had strong prayer according to the revelations.

The last day, we went to the president’s building. We prayed from the botanical garden as we could not get close and this was silent enough to hear our prayers. Here the hosts had also set up a picnic for us and with cake to celebrate Barbara’s birthday

After lunch we went down to the Palace of the Parliament, which is the largest parliament building in the world with 4000 rooms, halls and conference rooms. We had 4 teams for this prayer; one into the tourist entry, one for the open wine and food exhibition and 2 teams walked around the walls of the whole building in opposite directions. This took 90 mins. Coming back together, we stood in front of façade turning east proclaiming different words from the Lord. It all was a very full and satisfactory time.

As we left Romania, we heard that the government had decided to move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. That was a big encouragement and we happened to be there as this was decided. We praise the Lord for all this.


May 042018

Chisinau Report April 22-23, 2018

Before coming to Chisinau, Moldova, we were told that the country was as Romania was 20 years ago. So, we were really surprised to see Chisinau clean and very modern. There was no graffiti on the walls, the cars were new and nice, the streets were clean and people were friendly. It still is a very cheap country and there is much to develop, but this was a very positive surprise.

We had written to several pastors in the country, but none responded, so we didn’t have any connections there. A lady in the hostel we stayed was a Christian on fire for the Lord though and she invited us to a service in the church Sunday morning. This was a church with 5 services on Sunday, so it was very active and lively. And we knew about other churches, so there are some Christians thriving in Moldova. From a church member, we heard that they had had some reconciliation events with the Jews and the messianic Jews just a couple of weeks before. This was very important as we knew that 40% of Moldova’s population were Jews at one time before pogroms in 1903-05, so that important. Prayers were done and that helped us to focus on the heart of the city and the line from the foundational well, where the city started to the government building. Chisinau. (The name of the spring “chisla nous” is believed to be the archaic Romanian for “new spring”).

So, we wanted to start praying at the Metropolitan cathedral of Chisinau, which is an orthodox church and has Russian architecture. As we arrived there, there was a gathering of bikers receiving the blessings of the orthodox priest with holy water thrown on the bikers as a blessing for the biking season starting. So, that was interesting to see.

The small monument erected for the Holy Waters had drawn our attention the day we arrived and we thought there was some strange spiritual powers around it. We had a long time of prayers and declarations here after the bikers had left.

On this line between the foundational well and the government building, there seemed to be different spiritual lines going out holding the people in bondage. So we prayed to cut these lines from certain monuments. The Holy Water monument was one The Triumphal Arch was the next monument where we prayed. Then there was an ancient stone erected in front of the government building. After these places, we went down to the river and where the fountain had been when Chisinau was founded in 1436 as a monastery village. Cement and roads had covered most of this and the river was small and polluted as they had also built a dam to use the waters for other purposes. We called this place back to its original purpose of being a well physically and spiritually. We anointed the place, sang and danced around the monument that was set up as a memory for the foundation of Chisinau.

The second day, we had the parliament and the government building on the agenda to pray for. We started by the parliament. We started to pray for more life and creativity to come into this place and the people working there. We believe this will happen and many new things come forth in Moldova the next years. The life and ideas coming forth in the parliament; we prayed and prophesied that it will come reach the government as well. We believe that is a challenge; because of the old communist thinking in the old politicians might be a bottleneck for the new life. However, through wisdom this will change and new blood can come into the government as well. We felt a lot of hope for Moldova and felt that this “not wanted” country will change and people come here; tourists and business people.

It’s a beautiful country and a pearl of God’s creation longing for the revelation of the sons of God. It’s worth seeing and we left there with a sense of hope.

Mar 182011

Report Oslo Oct 27-31

We left Copenhagen with mission accomplished and well done faithful servants, but there was no entry into rest today.

As we got off the plane in Oslo, we went straight to a meeting. The Norwegian prayer council were hosting us with representatives from different parts of Norway. Our hosts shared a meal with us in the Markus church and then we listened to a vision of a prayer house for the city. The evening meeting was quite spontaneous and prophetic. We were then brought to our lodging in a big house with nice beds. We fell asleep tired after a long day.

Prayer-walking the University of OsloThe next day, we met in the headquarters of the Billy Graham association that was preparing an evangelistic event Nov 11-12. It was a joy to support them in prayer for the breakthrough in the city. In the afternoon we split up in 3 teams praying at strategic places in town. The prayers seemed to be inspired and flowing from God’s heart. The reports were good afterwards. We brought what we carried, the prophetic intercession and we encouraged the national prayer council to get more of this in the whole nation. We prayed for impartation to the leaders. This and the rising of the (good part of) Viking spirit came back many times. God is about to release this in Norway when they will break out of passivity and become brave warriors for the Kingdom.

Full Team in front of Norwegian ParliamentThe 3rd day, we were praying a lot with the national prayer council for strategy for the future. Then we were able to prophecy for the 10 leaders that were there, giving them about an hour of prophecy each. No need to say that this was very encouraging for them. They said that at least 95% of what was prophesied was spot on. This was of course very encouraging for us too.

Praying for Oslo from above the cityThe last 2 days our program was much softer. We went to Holmenkollen, the famous ski-jumping arena, from where we also prayed for the city. We had more debriefing in the team. It was a busy program, but despite this they all did well and were able to minister and pray powerfully in the capitals. We thank God for the opportunity of being part of this. People in the team were also able to link up with their Norwegian heritage some hundred years back and could get that blessing over their lives as a bonus.

All glory to Him.

Jan 302012

Report Copenhagen Oct 24-26.

Morning worship and planning15 of us arrived from abroad hosted by about 25 people from Aglow Denmark (, Prayerhouses Denmark ( and a local church which hosted our morning meetings. The intercessors in Denmark were all quite experienced, so it was easy to go ahead with the prayer assignment. The program was quite full; morning worship and preparation to go out, afternoon prayerwalks in the city in several teams at many strategic locations, evenings with worship again.

On the first afternoon 15 of us were invited in the town hall by a Christian candidate for the next elections. It was a blessed time with God’s presence. The politician was very much touched as we prophesied over him. He thanked us for the special words. We also got another answer of prayer next morning as we had prayed that God would remove candidates that shouldn’t go for the election. The headline news said that one very liberal politician had withdrawn her candidacy because of some scandal of corruption. This was of course very encouraging for to see such a quick answer of prayer.

The second afternoon all 40 of us were invited by a Christian MP to visit the parliament. This MP was also very touched as we prophesied over him. It’s powerful when they can hear God speak to them. When God comes through in such a way, it does something that human words and discussion cannot do. It is the awareness of His presence in the affairs of men.

On the third day we changed our program a little as God brought to our attention the influence of the freemasons in the city. So we went to an enormous Freemason building in town. Apparently it’s the biggest in Europe. It seems untouchable, but by faith and obedience we pray and God will take care of the rest.

We also had a good opportunity to minister and prophecy over all the Danish intercessors. This was a very big encouragement to them also as God shared a lot of His thoughts for them and their future.

The team from abroad stayed in Soli Deo Gloria, that has just been rented by YWAM-Copenhagen ( This was a Christian coffee bar from the 70’s and now it’s getting back to their initial calling again. As a bonus to the prayer in town, we were able to lead worship and then prophecy for about 30 minutes some of God’s future plans for the place. We left Copenhagen satisfied with the conviction of mission well accomplished.

Jun 272017

Report Vilnius May 28-29:

Vilnius was very different than the other 2 Baltic capitals. The church seemed to be very weak; paganism and rebellion seemed to be strongholds in the city. There was one place or area in the capital that had even declared their own ruling with their own law. It was more of a game, but the fact that they had their own statues and law written in 20 languages for the tourists says something.

We went to pray at 3 very heavy places that seemed to bind this city in this state:

First an altar of a duke and hero of the nation who was a strong follower of the paganism in the Middle Ages.

Second was the 3 crosses on the top of a hill over the city. Catholicism was forced on the city through the Teutonic knights and the crosses put up, but they continued with the paganism on the side; thus being rebellious against the Catholicism.

But when the communist knocked the crosses down, the Lithuanians build them up; thus again in rebellion against the authorities.

Third place was the central Gediminas Tower. A story said that to initiate this site a virgin was sacrificed on this place, and sacrifices to the pagan gods.

Then we finished our prayer where the Vilnia River went into the Neris River, as all these high places seemed to be linked to the river as well.

The next day, we went to the area having its own law as this seemed to be more than normal. The area also had its own statue with a goddess of freedom/rebellion.

Then we went to pray at the gate of Dawn with the black Madonna which seemed to be a significant place and influencing the city.

Then we headed to the parliament. It was warm and it was difficult in front of the very hostile parliament building; big fence and no sign of people. We prayed that a new sound and a new declaration will come out from this nation, which will celebrate its rebirth next year. We went to the place where every day at 19:18 pm they declare from the Grand Duke’s palace about the 100 years celebration. Let the declarations be from you, God.

Jun 272017

Report Riga May 24-26:

We were well received by the YWAM team in Riga. We also had 2 new seasoned intercessors coming from outside to join us and more locals went with us for the prayer in the city. It was all a sign that the church is stronger in Riga than the 2 other Baltic capitals.

After first morning of worship, we got quite clear guidance about were to pray there was a straight line down the Freedom Avenue to the Freedom monument, then to the Rifle man monument and the Victory monument. We went to pray at these 3 monuments, in that order. These monuments symbolized a lot of the history and a lot of the painful history the last 100 years. Next year in November it will be 100 years since Latvia became an independent country for the first time. A lot of the history around these monuments could stir up a lot of emotions and enmity as the 100 years celebration approaches. There was also a lot of confusion around these monuments. There was a strong feeling of God wanting to write a new chapter of the history of the nation to start after the 100 year celebration. So, we prayed a lot around and about the enemy not being allowed to stir up strife from the history and for God to bring healing and reconciliation among the Latvians; the ones who had Russian affiliations and the ones with Latvian.

We really seemed to hit something very significant from God in the prayer. Our coordinator sent us this encouragement in an e-mail: I just wanted to again say a big thank you for coming, for your obedience and the very big blessing you were during these days here. I believe we will even in the coming weeks and months see greater evidence of what took place….. I also have a sense that a shift has taken place and something broken off….

The next day we had a visit to the parliament. We were shown around by people who pray a lot for the government. After that we had a powerful time of worship and prayer in the chapel of the parliament. We prophesied many things, but a significant one was for fathers to raise up, fathers who would be real fathers to the nation and for a new song to be released and song over the nation.

In the afternoon, we went down to the river to pray into the foundation of the city. It turned out there was a legend about a monster in the river fighting against a hero in the city. Here we believe we were touching the stronghold of depression and heaviness over the city.

As a bonus, some people in the team joined the ministry reaching out to the men going for the prostitutes and others went to the place where the song festivals are held annually (a bit smaller than the ones in Tallinn)

Satisfied over the time in Riga and mission accomplished, we headed for Vilnius next day.

Jun 272017

Report Tallinn, Estonia May 20-22:

We were well-hosted and taken care of by the YWAM people in town. The 8 of us from abroad met in an apartment for an introduction to the history of Estonia by watching the DVD: “The Singing Revolution.” It’s a powerful documentary about the spirit of the nation and how the Estonians saw the revolution 26 years ago as the Russian army withdrew through a powerful weapon: Singing! The Estonians have a culture of singing and non-violence. They gathered 30,000 on a stage and 300,000 more people in the public sing-along. During the revolution, many of the songs were songs of prayer to God. God heard their prayers. Since that time, the Estonians still sing, but the songs are without God. That is quite typical of the human nature. The Israelites did the same. When there is a problem, we call on God, but as soon as we are doing well, we forget about Him. (see Hos 6:1-3 ) We prayed a lot for the Estonians not making their songs their god, but making the creator of the song their God. The second day, we went to the place where they have the song festivals to pray.

The first day in the afternoon, we went around the old city, which was founded by the Hanseatens. It is still the heart of the city and it’s important to pray for the heart as the life flows out from it. We did that by walking around the city wall and stopping at some gates for prayer. We finished praying at the Freedom gate. Only Jesus can set the nation free.

The church is weak in the city and the nation. We only had 3-4 people from the city to pray with us. Also the communication between the Christians didn’t seem to function well. But we had good time of prayer still. Outside the parliament the last day, we had a very good time of prayer. Estonia will have the presidency of the EU council from July 1st to Dec 31st, 2017. Our prayer was for a protection to not be swallowed up by the EU despising this small nation, but that they will seize the occasion to stand up and shown their beautiful heart.

We had a connection to go inside the parliament, but there was no open prayer there since the deputy, despite being a Christian, didn’t really see any need of prayer. But he opened the doors for us to go up in the Herman Tower, the symbol of power, where the Estonian flag is raised every day.