May 042018

Bucharest Report April 18-20, 2018

We were a group of 10 people from abroad arriving in Bucharest, not having much information before coming there. But we were welcomed well by River of Life Church. There were about 10 people from the church praying with us in the capital every day. That was a real blessing. They also blessed us with all meals paid for in different restaurants. The Romanians have a clear gift of hospitality and generosity.

We were also able to be a blessing to them. At least that was said several times. In the preparation we got a clear direction about where to go in the capital. The first 2 days we went to 5 places that formed a shape of a bow on the map. We started with the old town, where the capital was first founded. We walked around that area before lunch and through every street in the area after lunch. That was a very thorough prayer time.

The next day we started at the point 0 km, where major things happened in December 1989 and thus the name: Place of 21 December 1989. The nation got rid of communism, but we still prayed concerning this and the mentality that still is stuck in the old. We had some good prayers and prophetic acts at the Memorial of rebirth about this.

We then went to the government building where we had some more prayers about the corruption and the covenant with death from the communist times. Vision was given about underground labyrinth, which was confirmed by the Romanians. It’s about to crumble and things will change in the government.

The last of the 5 places was the Carol Park Mausoleum. They say it’s a memory of the heroes for the freedom for socialism. But as we went there, it’s clear that it’s a Freemason place with probably very strong activity today. The Freemasons always come up with some nice monument to cover up their real intention. So, we discerned this and had strong prayer according to the revelations.

The last day, we went to the president’s building. We prayed from the botanical garden as we could not get close and this was silent enough to hear our prayers. Here the hosts had also set up a picnic for us and with cake to celebrate Barbara’s birthday

After lunch we went down to the Palace of the Parliament, which is the largest parliament building in the world with 4000 rooms, halls and conference rooms. We had 4 teams for this prayer; one into the tourist entry, one for the open wine and food exhibition and 2 teams walked around the walls of the whole building in opposite directions. This took 90 mins. Coming back together, we stood in front of façade turning east proclaiming different words from the Lord. It all was a very full and satisfactory time.

As we left Romania, we heard that the government had decided to move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. That was a big encouragement and we happened to be there as this was decided. We praise the Lord for all this.


Oct 182017

The 22nd session will be like this:

Dates confirmed but more details to come

April 6-15: In France an Academy of prayer; 10 days of extended teaching on intercessory prayer by Leon Coetzee from South-Africa

April 17: Arrival in Bucarest and first meeting in the evening

April 18-20 : Prayer in Bucarest

April 21 : Travel to Chisinau

April 22-23: Prayer in Chisinau

Coordinator for the 2 capitals: Henning Schikora:



Dec 092016

Belgrade Report Nov. 20-22, 2016 :

We had an apartment together in Belgrade which made it easier to fellowship. Also the temperature had gone up to 12-14°C in the afternoon, which made it easier for the ones that already were coughing and struggling against a cold.

We started our prayer in Belgrade on Sunday Nov 20. We were well guided in Belgrade; first morning to church. This year the evangelical church in Serbia had started a prayer chain for a year. This is an encouragement for what is going on in Serbia. And on this day, the church we went to had the responsibility for the prayer. And we joined in for 90 minutes after the service to pray for the country.

In the afternoon we went to the Republican square. It was said that the one who had this place, had the city and nation in his hand. So, this was the heart of the nation. We had about 10 Serbians with us, placed in the center as we prayed for the heart of the city and the nation. It was great to call forth God’s intentions in a nation where there is so much hurt and brokenness. Well, what can you expect with a nation that has been attacked 115 times and destroyed to the ground 44 times in its history? We believe Serbia is a strong nation, but that it’s also has a purity and sense of righteousness they should fight for.

fisherman-and-serpent-copieAfterwards we continued to the Kalemegdan park where we had discovered a strange sculpture of a fisherman and a serpent. The same sculpture was in Zagreb. The serpent is also a water spirit like the dragon in Ljubljana. We had gotten the revelation that there was a link between the 3 capitals holding them in captivity. We wanted to break this connection. So, we prayed there and poured wine in the mouth of the serpent. The day after we got a message from intercessors in South-Africa that they saw the serpent shrinking, not knowing what we had done. This was very encouraging; to know we had touched something.

The second day, we started to pray in the Kalemegdan park. While waiting for the local believers, we discovered a Muslim mausoleum. We just had to pray there before we met at the victory monument. This monument was put up by a Freemason, encouraging violence and death. Ps 64 was something received for this place and is quite descriptive of the secrecy and destruction from this masonic monument. We prayed that the covenant with death would be broken in this place. It is incredible how much the Freemasons had influence in this city. The next place we went to also; a small pyramid in the middle of the main walking street in front of a scientific center. Here we split up in 4 teams praying for the influence to be cut off and things to come up in the light.

We finished the day praying in front of the Town Hall. Someone had received a vision of a tree which represented the Town Hall, where the wind blew away leaves and some branches to make room for new things to spring forth. Yes, Spirit of God blow on this place!

The third day we went to the parliament and the park in front of it up to the presidential palace and the Town Hall. oce-18-teamIn 4 teams, we walked around the parliament (a circle) and the park (another circle) making an “eight” for new beginnings and the unrighteous covenants and bondages between the building to be cut off.

We prayed the stronghold and influence of communism to be cut off and for God to put His angels in each corner of the place. We prayed that corruption will come to the surface and corrupt people to be sent away from the government.

Mar 182011

Bern July 30 – Aug 1, 2015

We had a guided visit in Bern by Markus Reichenbach in the afternoon on July 30th and we spent the next morning with « The Heart of David » house of prayer in Bern (DavidHerz). These both helped us get insight into how pray in Bern.

We prayed at 2 different places where the Jews and the Waldensians had received bad treatment and persecution with expulsion as a result. These injustices seemed to be important to deal with.

Renovation in the Münster Church

Renovation in the Münster Church

All the other places we went to pray, were under reconstruction or renovation. It was quite striking especially when we know that what we see in the natural is often a sign of what is happening in the spiritual.

One was the founding place of Bern ; the place where a bear was shot in 1191. The bear became the emblem of Bern. We didn’t see any bears, which can normally be seen by the public, because the place was under construction while the bears were on holiday!

Building new vaults in the Swiss Central Bank

Building new vaults in the Swiss Central Bank

Another place was the biggest church in Bern, the Münster church, which was partly covered by scaffolding both inside and out. The church was built on an ancient worship place, which had probably never been dealt with.

A third place was the national bank by the parliament, where they were about to build a new storage place for the gold of the nation. We received here the passage from Luke 12:16-21 : Switzerland should be rich in God and not trust in their finances.

Swiss parliament building

Swiss parliament building

In all these places, Switzerland, needs to come back to the foundation in their constitution : God! Now when there are reconstructions, this is the time for the Swiss to come back to God and choose life.

Aug 1, we went into the parliament, on their National Day when it’s open for the public. We had the honor of being guided by Ernest Geiser who is a pastor to the parliament. We could then pray with the information about what is needed. It was a good time. And everybody who did the visit got a Swiss chocolate for free!

Welcome by alpen horn concert

Welcome by alpen horn concert

Then we joined a national outdoor worship and prayer meeting for Switzerland. There were maybe 1000 – 1500 people from all over Switzerland. There might have been more if it hadn’t rained in the morning. Most of things that were prayed there matched what we had been inspired to pray as well. Unity, first in the Church and then in the government, was one of the issues on God’s heart that seemed to be really important as it came back to us several times.

Mar 182011

Bratislava's castle

April 22-24, 2013: We started this trip with a big youth prayer event that was streamed on internet live for young people in Slovakia. We got to share 15 mins there. That was a surprise !

Then we had 2 days of teaching focusing a lot on the identity of the nations. We got a good explanation of the Slovakian identity. In those days, one of the most corrupt men in the government, a party leader, was kicked out by his own party. Another surprise !

April 28-29: We were part of a church service in the morning, where the spiritual history of Bratislava was the teaching. In the afternoon, we started the intercession from the castle. About 40 people were split up in 8 groups praying in different places in the city. There were many good reports in the evening in the worship and prayer meeting.

April 29th, we were invited to the parliament by a member of parliament. He shared his conversion to Jesus, the situation in the parliament and different prayer points for him and the government. He spend 2 hours with us. We had a powerful time of prayer there, all on our knees at one time. There were about 35 of us. The Slovakian Christians were very much encouraged by this and it gave them faith to get more involved in prayer for the authorities.

In the afternoon, we went to the Devin castle 20km away. This is a place of significance since the authorities were established there some time in history and the first church in the area was started there. It has also been a place full of bloodshed, and it’s definitely a place for the church to return to. The reports in the evening were again very positive and we left Bratislava thanking God for what we could do together.

Inside the parliament

Mar 182011

Praying in a deputy's officeApril 25-26, 2013: The time in Budapest was intense. We arrived there and went straight into the parliament after some briefing. There were about 30 of us. We had some prayer and worship in a mp’s office. For many of the Hungarians, that was a step forward and a real encouragement.

The second day, we visited the main Jewish quarter and prayed there in the morning. Quite a few Christians are reaching out to the Jews. Budapest has always had a rich Jewish history, so this is really important.

Praying about the Budapest CrownIn the afternoon we prayed on a bridge with new freemason obelisks and a copy of a crown which is about to become an idol of the nation according to the pastors. The real crown is now in the parliament.The first king of the nation was crowned with it. Just recently it was put there after have been in a museum for centuries. Some declarations in the law has been made about the crown having authority over the government and is almost becoming sacred. We had powerful prayers concerning this crown and freemasons lifting t up to an abnormal position.

After that, we went up to Buda castle on the other side of the Danube where we were speaking and prophesying over Budapest. We finished the time in Budapest in a church with some worship and good reports from the participants. We are quite sure we accomplished all God wanted the short while we were there.

Budapest on the Danube

Mar 182011

Berlin: City of PeaceOct 16-21, 2012: Berlin: City of Peace

 In some ways, Berlin felt like the most important capital city we have visited to date, although of course they are all important in their own way. We were a team of about 20 people, with virtually all of us coming from nations which had at one time or another been at war with Germany, so it felt very key to be able to come together with the many people from Berlin and elsewhere in Germany who joined us, to have a week of worship, prayer, reconciliation and declarations.

Seeking God's Presence
Seeking God’s Presence

We were very blessed to have prayer leaders from Germany with us who gave us teaching and who guided us in our praying for the government, the city and the nation. We had powerful times of worship together where God seemed to be going deep down into the foundations of the nation to bring healing and also a time of repentance, forgiveness and prayer together where German people were able to ask forgiveness and we, as representatives of other nations, could speak out forgiveness and bless Germany, calling her forward into her God-given destiny. We were all in agreement that God has given Germany a gifting of leadership, but that it is to be exercised with humility. We also saw how things that happen in Berlin (or indeed Germany) then go worldwide, whether good or bad, which is  a source of huge potential but also carries with it great responsibility.

Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

Our prayer times in the city took us in groups to various places to pray into issues such as the foundational roots of the city, the effect of the enlightenment on the nation, the church and the fact that Berlin has declared herself to be the homosexual capital of Europe.


On one day, we went out to the former concentration camp at Sachsenhausen. This was in some ways, the “mother” camp from which decisions were taken about the other camps which were set up elsewhere and it was a privilege as well as a very moving experience, to be able to gather in a room there to worship, pray and share communion together. In view of the fact that we were going on to Moscow afterwards, it was also significant to hear the number of Russians who were killed here.


Another day was, as with all our trips, devoted to prayer for the government. Some of us met with a Christian MP and were able to hear his prayer needs, while others prayed around the Reichstag building. We were specifically asked to pray for wisdom for them in their decision-making.

Berlin Shines!
Berlin Shines!

In the evenings we were privileged to hear from one of the leaders of Poland for Jesus who encouraged us with what they have experienced in Poland and how prayer for the government is changing things in their nation.

It was the festival of light in the city during the week we were there with many of the buildings illuminated and God also shone his light on us by giving us warm sunshine and clear blue sky throughout the week. “The light shone in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it”!

Mar 282012

The 9th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed!

22-24 April, 2013: Teaching in Bratislava. (from 6 pm on April 22)


By Timotea Vráblová:
1) Preparing spiritual highways
2) How to read God’s signs in the city (or in any other places) and how to respond to them reflecting Christ’s priesthood and kingship.
3) Creative prayer as an extended way of prophetic intercession.

By Henning Schikora: Strategic prophetic intercession

25 April: Travel to Budapest

26-27 April: Prayer in Budapest

27 April: Travel to Bratislava

28-29 April: Prayer in Bratislava

30 April: Travel to Vienna

1-2 May: Prayer in Vienna

Coordinator: Timotea Vrablova:

Mar 182011

Belfast: Jan 25-26, 2012

Our days of prayer in Belfast were preceded by 2 days at the YWAM centre in Rostrevor, situated right on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and formerly a Christian Centre for Reconciliation. These days were very rich as we received teaching from dedicated intercessors on the history of Ireland and spiritual insights into the impact of these things on the nation today. We learnt, for example, about the 800 years of English domination, the partition of Ireland in 1922 and the “Troubles” which although basically political, caused much bloodshed between Catholics and Protestants.
The first day in the city itself saw us praying at the City Hall where the Ulster Covenant was signed one hundred years ago this year. By this, the Protestants declared that they vowed to remain a part of the United Kingdom and would refuse any attempt to unite them (under Home Rule) to the southern (Catholic) part of the country. This was a significant event in deepening the rift already there and continues to have an influence today.
Following this, we prayed around various areas of the city where the “peace walls” (high walls and fences) still divide the Catholic and Protestant communities from each other. We were privileged to meet people who work for peace and reconciliation, reaching out across the divide to show God’s love and we prayed with them and for them.
Our time in Belfast also coincided with a week for Christian Unity and we were invited to a meal celebrating this at Clonnard Monastry.

Worship inside Stormont

Worship inside Stormont

A highlight for us was joining for an evening with a prayer group in Stormont – the Northern Ireland Parliament. We had a powerful time of worship and prayer, making declarations as God led us, both for the government and for the nation in general.
Finally we prayed at the docks where the Titanic was built 100 years ago this year. This particularly led us to pray into the identity of the nation – that she would find her value and identity in God rather than in trying to make a name for herself in human terms.
Before returning to Rostrevor, we stopped in Armagh – the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland and seat of both the Church of Ireland and the Catholic church. We joined with members of a Catholic prayer group calling out for God to restore the nation and bring true healing and forgiveness to this broken land. At this time and in other moments of prayer, we were able to bless each other across denominational and national divides. A real privilege!
It was a deeply moving 2 days which marked us by what we saw and heard. We believe God is making promises to this nation to gave her a hope and a future and 2012 is evidently a very significant year. We look forward with interest to see what God will do!