May 042018

Chisinau Report April 22-23, 2018

Before coming to Chisinau, Moldova, we were told that the country was as Romania was 20 years ago. So, we were really surprised to see Chisinau clean and very modern. There was no graffiti on the walls, the cars were new and nice, the streets were clean and people were friendly. It still is a very cheap country and there is much to develop, but this was a very positive surprise.

We had written to several pastors in the country, but none responded, so we didn’t have any connections there. A lady in the hostel we stayed was a Christian on fire for the Lord though and she invited us to a service in the church Sunday morning. This was a church with 5 services on Sunday, so it was very active and lively. And we knew about other churches, so there are some Christians thriving in Moldova. From a church member, we heard that they had had some reconciliation events with the Jews and the messianic Jews just a couple of weeks before. This was very important as we knew that 40% of Moldova’s population were Jews at one time before pogroms in 1903-05, so that important. Prayers were done and that helped us to focus on the heart of the city and the line from the foundational well, where the city started to the government building. Chisinau. (The name of the spring “chisla nous” is believed to be the archaic Romanian for “new spring”).

So, we wanted to start praying at the Metropolitan cathedral of Chisinau, which is an orthodox church and has Russian architecture. As we arrived there, there was a gathering of bikers receiving the blessings of the orthodox priest with holy water thrown on the bikers as a blessing for the biking season starting. So, that was interesting to see.

The small monument erected for the Holy Waters had drawn our attention the day we arrived and we thought there was some strange spiritual powers around it. We had a long time of prayers and declarations here after the bikers had left.

On this line between the foundational well and the government building, there seemed to be different spiritual lines going out holding the people in bondage. So we prayed to cut these lines from certain monuments. The Holy Water monument was one The Triumphal Arch was the next monument where we prayed. Then there was an ancient stone erected in front of the government building. After these places, we went down to the river and where the fountain had been when Chisinau was founded in 1436 as a monastery village. Cement and roads had covered most of this and the river was small and polluted as they had also built a dam to use the waters for other purposes. We called this place back to its original purpose of being a well physically and spiritually. We anointed the place, sang and danced around the monument that was set up as a memory for the foundation of Chisinau.

The second day, we had the parliament and the government building on the agenda to pray for. We started by the parliament. We started to pray for more life and creativity to come into this place and the people working there. We believe this will happen and many new things come forth in Moldova the next years. The life and ideas coming forth in the parliament; we prayed and prophesied that it will come reach the government as well. We believe that is a challenge; because of the old communist thinking in the old politicians might be a bottleneck for the new life. However, through wisdom this will change and new blood can come into the government as well. We felt a lot of hope for Moldova and felt that this “not wanted” country will change and people come here; tourists and business people.

It’s a beautiful country and a pearl of God’s creation longing for the revelation of the sons of God. It’s worth seeing and we left there with a sense of hope.

Jan 302012

Report Copenhagen Oct 24-26.

Morning worship and planning15 of us arrived from abroad hosted by about 25 people from Aglow Denmark (, Prayerhouses Denmark ( and a local church which hosted our morning meetings. The intercessors in Denmark were all quite experienced, so it was easy to go ahead with the prayer assignment. The program was quite full; morning worship and preparation to go out, afternoon prayerwalks in the city in several teams at many strategic locations, evenings with worship again.

On the first afternoon 15 of us were invited in the town hall by a Christian candidate for the next elections. It was a blessed time with God’s presence. The politician was very much touched as we prophesied over him. He thanked us for the special words. We also got another answer of prayer next morning as we had prayed that God would remove candidates that shouldn’t go for the election. The headline news said that one very liberal politician had withdrawn her candidacy because of some scandal of corruption. This was of course very encouraging for to see such a quick answer of prayer.

The second afternoon all 40 of us were invited by a Christian MP to visit the parliament. This MP was also very touched as we prophesied over him. It’s powerful when they can hear God speak to them. When God comes through in such a way, it does something that human words and discussion cannot do. It is the awareness of His presence in the affairs of men.

On the third day we changed our program a little as God brought to our attention the influence of the freemasons in the city. So we went to an enormous Freemason building in town. Apparently it’s the biggest in Europe. It seems untouchable, but by faith and obedience we pray and God will take care of the rest.

We also had a good opportunity to minister and prophecy over all the Danish intercessors. This was a very big encouragement to them also as God shared a lot of His thoughts for them and their future.

The team from abroad stayed in Soli Deo Gloria, that has just been rented by YWAM-Copenhagen ( This was a Christian coffee bar from the 70’s and now it’s getting back to their initial calling again. As a bonus to the prayer in town, we were able to lead worship and then prophecy for about 30 minutes some of God’s future plans for the place. We left Copenhagen satisfied with the conviction of mission well accomplished.

Oct 182017

The 22nd session will be like this:

Dates confirmed but more details to come

April 6-15: In France an Academy of prayer; 10 days of extended teaching on intercessory prayer by Leon Coetzee from South-Africa

April 17: Arrival in Bucarest and first meeting in the evening

April 18-20 : Prayer in Bucarest

April 21 : Travel to Chisinau

April 22-23: Prayer in Chisinau

Coordinator for the 2 capitals: Henning Schikora:



Sep 062014

The 13th session will be like this:

Dates and details confirmed!

April 30 or before: Arrival in Thorshavn

Arpil 30-May 3, 2015: Nordic prayer conference in Thorshavn where OCE join and prayer for the government included

May 4 or 5 : Travel to Reykjavik,Iceland / or day of rest.

May 5-7: Prayer in Reykjavik

Start May 5 at 7 pm and finish at night May 7.


For the nordic prayer conference:Tummas Jacubson:

For Reykjavik: Souleymane Sonde:

For the travel to the 2 capitals: Henning Schikora:

F.y.i.: You can fly with from Copenhagen to Vâgar (Faroe Islands) and from Vâgar (Faroe Islands) to Reykjavik (Iceland).

From Reykjavik to Copehagen or another place in Europe you can try

May 132012

June 20 to 24, 2012

01There were 15 people on the team for Cardiff and this increased to 45 people with the prayer group from Belmont Baptist Church and then to about 65 at the Sunday service that OCE Cardiff led at the Church. The days consisted of teaching by David Sladden which focused on the spiritual history of Cardiff from the Roman era all the way through to modern history and recent moves of God like the 1904/5 Welsh revival. Gary Smith, leader of Ignite Ministries Cardiff, also spoke on the current spiritual climate in Cardiff and referred to past moves of God as he compared now and then. He stated that unity amongst the churches was a big prayer need. Colin and Mavis Harris gave significant input as prayer coordinators in Cardiff and their insight inspired us to continue to pray where others had left off. Worship was led by, myself, (Steven Hanratty) and Paul Verheul, who did a great job. Jennifer Page did the registration for Cardiff: thank you Jennifer. Liverpool School of Evangelism who were on outreach in Cardiff helped out so much in finding contacts for our trip, so thank you to them also.

02The first evening at Belmont Baptist Church focused on worship and preparing our hearts for the coming week. Belmont Baptist Church prayer group joined us. As we worshiped a lady who was dancing with flags at the back was invited forward to raise a banner of God’s love over the nation. Later she explained to one of the group that her back was in great pain because of a dancing injury from several months ago. Two or three gathered around her and prayed for healing and then a word about restoration for her body and her gift of dancing was given by one of the team. She explained that usually the pain goes on for the whole week without getting any better. The very next morning she gave testimony of waking up with no pain whatsoever and that it was a real healing from God. This healing was confirmation that God didn’t only want to heal individuals in Cardiff but He also wanted to heal the city of Cardiff, and the nation of Wales.

04Our prayer times began at the Assembly building in the Cardiff Bay area where we were given a tour of the Assembly building and learnt about the history of the architecture and devolution of the political authority from London to Cardiff. The building there is modern, transparent and communal in nature. It was said to represent the intentions of the architect who had strong beliefs about how Wales should be governed when it was given back authority to make decisions for itself. In the middle of the Assembly, above the Assembly Chamber, where decisions are discussed and made, there was a tree like formation and it was said to represent the growth of the nation of Wales and the health that would come from the decisions made in government. The chamber could represent the roots of the tree. Whether the government in Wales is currently making good decisions or not, the focus was on the symbolism of the building and this was a powerful metaphor.

05After the tour we made our way to the Lighthouse Ship in Cardiff Bay. A Christian ship with a coffee shop about 200 metres from the Assembly building. In the small chapel on the boat we prayed that the Welsh Government would be like a tree planted by streams of living water and that its fruit would be godly fruit (Psalm 2). We also prayed that Wales would have a new model of government that could be adopted elsewhere in the world. A new model of government that is transparent, non-argumentative and life-giving: just like the building represented. It was noted that the building was almost the opposite of Parliament in London with its ancient architecture, dark lighting and small back rooms where much of English politics is discussed.

06Our prayer times at Belmont were powerful and anointed. As we gathered we prayed specifically for Christian Bible colleges in Wales that were currently in transition and that out of those Bible Colleges would arise leaders who could make room for God to move in power and revival again in Wales. We prayed specifically for the way in which the Bible would be taught in these places and that it would be from a healthy and Holy Spirit-led perspective.

07After having Gary Smith share about the current spiritual climate we realised that God had brought together two groups of people that evening: the evangelists and the intercessors. Both gifts that are central to any move of revival. We moved into a prayer time specifically praying for the unity of these two gifts. As we prayed further we realized God was asking us to pray for the church to be healed from disunity and broken relationships in Cardiff. The local group stood in a circle on the inside (facing inwards) and prayed for unity. The international team stood facing out to protect and be like watchmen, in prayer, over the healing process.

08The very next evening after a day of teaching we prayed for the continuation of a restoration of the Welsh language and culture specifically because the moves of God in Wales have been predominantly in the Welsh language. As God moved us to pray and sing in tongues, because it is the heavenly language that God wants to restore to His people, we witnessed a young Welsh lady cry out for God to move in the Welsh language and then sing, in Welsh, a child’s worship song over the people in the prayer meeting. We then prayed for the next move of God to go out from Wales to Europe and the rest of the world. God then moved on the Welsh people in the meeting to pray for the others from around the world as a representation of that move.

09On our third day of prayer we prayed for the Healing on the Streets ministry at Woodville Baptist Church and for healing for one of the members in the team. Then we split into small groups and prayed around three different areas.

The first team went to pray at the Cardiff City Government, the University and also the Castle.  As the Olympic sign was outside the City Government buildings they prayed for the Olympics.  They prayed that the City Government would give the churches favour while they did outreaches in the city during the Olympic Games and that the wind of God’s Spirit would move on Cardiff and bring about "winds of change" through the city government and the city of Cardiff. The team were led specifically to pray outside the new building for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and felt that God wanted to use the creativity of the Welsh in bringing the gospel to Wales and the nations. At the Castle they walked around the walls and prayed for the purification of the foundations of the city and as there were flags flying from many nations, they prayed that God would raise up Wales in the eyes of the world and take its place among the nations.

10The second team went to the Cathedral where they had felt led to pray for the rededication of the Cathedral. They prayed that it would not be dedicated this time to idols from ancient times, like waters spirits or other gods, but to the one true God. They arrived to a fanfare of trumpets and a full Cathedral. The Cathedral was already being re-dedicated and mayors from different areas and church officials were there to rededicate it. It would seem that God had ordained the rededication to be about Him rather than any other. That team also prayed over the river flowing by the Cathedral and prayed for it to be a river of the Holy Spirit: pure and undefiled.

The final team went to the Castle, the Stadium and 4 churches in Cardiff. As they arrived at the Castle they realized that it was open to the public and there was a Welsh language and cultural festival going on with TV cameras, music, art and food. It was confirmation that God wanted them to pray for the Welsh language and culture as He had guided the evening before. The group also prayed for a root of conflict and disunity in the city brought in by the Roman soldiers when conquering the area. This group then went down to the riverside and prayed for the stadium which was a representation of a modern Cathedral and had been used for Songs of Praise (A Christian TV programme). As the team walked to the Tabernacle (Welsh speaking church) in Cardiff they were met outside by the treasurer who was locking up and they asked if they could pray in the court yard. The treasurer said that he could do better than that and invited them into the church building and they all gathered in the sanctuary to pray.

The treasurer described how this was one of the only churches to welcome the Welsh revival of 1904/5 in Cardiff and he described how in one day 700 were baptised in that move of God. He cried as the group prayed for him and said he didn’t understand why God had sent people from all over the world to pray for him and the Tabernacle church that day. They ended their time by asking him to pray for them in Welsh: it was a powerful moment.

1211The final morning was spent with Belmont Baptist Church. We took the service on the Sunday morning and then they prepared a wonderful banquet to send OCE Cardiff off to the next assignment. Wendy, the lady who was healed gave her testimony and Carol spoke about her encounter with God in Athens. It was a powerful time and many, even the children, received a fresh move of God’s Holy Spirit. All the glory must go to God. Praise Him for all he has done.

Mar 222011

The sixth session will be like this:

Dates confirmed!

June 20: Arrival in Cardiff

June 21-22, 2012: Teaching in Cardiff

June 23-24: Prayer in Cardiff

June 25: Travel to London

June 26-27: Teaching in London

June 28-29: Prayer in London

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