Mar 182011

DUBLIN: Jan 27-28, 2012

Our 2 days in Rostrevor, prior to our 2 days in Belfast had already given us a good insight into the history and current situation in the Irish Republic. It was nevertheless good to have some further input from speakers in Dublin when we arrived, particularly concerning the spiritual heritage of the nation represented by St Patrick and others.
In the city we divided into groups on both days and prayed at a variety of locations: the Post Office, scene of the Easter Uprising in 1916, the Famine Monument, the financial quarter, the University, Dublin Castle and the Guinness quarter, among others. In this way we were able to pray into many aspects of life in present-day Ireland.

Team in front of the Dublin parliament

Concerning the government, 3 people were able to go and pray in the Prime Minister’s office and we all gathered at the Parliament building to declare scriptures we had received and to pray for those leading the country. Our main prayers both here and back at the church concerned a desire to see:
-God’s truth and integrity come into the government
-a renewed vision for the city and the nation, particularly among church leaders
-a new wave of God’s Spirit blowing through what is now a post-Catholic nation
-healing following the revelation of child abuse scandals in the church
Our time in Dublin ended with a prayer concert with one of the local churches who had just finished a week of prayer and fasting.