Mar 182011

Monaco Aug 4 :

View of the harbour

View of the harbour

Monaco is even smaller than Liechtenstein ; only about 2 km long and 1 km wide. It’s very densely populated though with 37 000 inhabitants like Liechtenstein.

Monaco has been ruled by the Grimaldi family since the “malicious one” took the Rock in 1297. But Monaco only became rich when the famous casino, Monte Carlo, started in the 1860’s. They earned so much money on the casino that Monaco didn’t need to claim any more taxes. And today it’s a famous tax haven. So in all this, there seems to be a bad foundation and injustices/iniquities, which you wouldn’t believe when you see this glamorous tiny nation.

the prince's palace

The Prince’s palace

We prayed into all this at the casino, the banks, the government, a couple of churches and in front of the prince’s palace. Praying for the church and the prince, we believe there are positive signs and good things happening for the Kingdom. We believe there is a renewal and we prayed it would continue in that direction.