Dec 012011

PRAGUE: 25-26 Oct 2011
We experienced many of the same things in Prague as in Warsaw. We were warmly welcomed by the local church, some of whom joined us to go and pray. A group of us went to the site commemorating the Battle of the White Mountain which saw the Catholic Habsburgs fighting the local Protestants during the 30 Years War, the effects of which are still evident in the Czeck republic today. We all prayed at Bethlehem Chapel where the Czech Reformer, Jan Hus preached and taught before being arrested, judged and burnt at the stake. Other times included praying in front of the statues of the first two presidents of the Czeck Republic, at the site of a village completely destroyed by the Nazis, and finally at the Czech Parliament. On the last evening we took part in a worship evening organized 3 times a week in the church which hosted us. Again we were able to pray with and for the people, particularly the younger ones.
We have a great God who loves us and who works in power.