Mar 202011

Reykjavik, May 5-7, 2015

We had 3 sunny days in Reykjavik and Iceland as well, which was another miracle. There was still snow on the mountain tops around, so it was cold. But we thank God for the favour with sun shining and warming us.

Praying where they want to build the alter to thor

Praying where they want to build the alter to Thor

Iceland is a completely different ballgame than the Faroe Islands. There are a lot of spiritists, occultism and the worship of the Norse gods is popular. So we could feel the tension in the air and the confusion raining over Reykjavik. We met with a small group of intercessors in Iceland. We had a good unity with them during the whole time we were there. Since the worship of the norse gods is strong and they want to build an alter to the god Thor: , we decided to go there to pray. We received clear direction of how to proceed ; among other things putting a stone there like in Dan 2:34 and 1 Pet 2:4-8. Right now there are only a memorial of one of the forerunners, Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson, for this worship in modern day. There were big machines there to start the work for the altar, but we prayed that it would not happen.

We walked around in Reykjavik praying at other important places.



The last day we went to where the nation was founded and had its first government ; Thingvellir, a very special place, an UNESCO heritage site today. It was founded as a Christian nation officially with the cross in the flag, but to continue the pagan worship privately. So from the beginning there has been this compromise in the foundation of the nation which is a reason for all the pagan worship today. So we prayed into the foundation of the nation, for God to pull out idolatry.

Then we went back to Reykjavik to pray at the today’s ministries and government ; for the future of the Iceland, for God to enter in and bring Iceland, the nation of fire and ice, into His destiny.

Last evening we had feedback and sharing. There was a lot of thanksgiving and testimonies of a special and blessed time. Everybody seemed to be encouraged and having faith to continue the good fight. We thank God for this special time.

Sep 062014

The 13th session will be like this:

Dates and details confirmed!

April 30 or before: Arrival in Thorshavn

Arpil 30-May 3, 2015: Nordic prayer conference in Thorshavn where OCE join and prayer for the government included

May 4 or 5 : Travel to Reykjavik,Iceland / or day of rest.

May 5-7: Prayer in Reykjavik

Start May 5 at 7 pm and finish at night May 7.


For the nordic prayer conference:Tummas Jacubson:

For Reykjavik: Souleymane Sonde:

For the travel to the 2 capitals: Henning Schikora:

F.y.i.: You can fly with from Copenhagen to Vâgar (Faroe Islands) and from Vâgar (Faroe Islands) to Reykjavik (Iceland).

From Reykjavik to Copehagen or another place in Europe you can try