May 152015

Torshavn April 30 – May 3, 2015

In the Faroe Islands, north of Scotland, between Norway and Iceland, it’s normally raining a lot, at least several times a day. But when we were praying there, we had sunshine for the 3 days. That was a miracle by itself and it was very good for us as we were praying outdoor in Torshavn. Someone in the team had received for this trip “an open heaven”. And we got it physically and spiritually in Torshavn and in Reykjavik as well. So we praise the Lord for that.

Flags from the 8 nations

Flags from the 8 nations

We joined in with the nordic prayer conference which is Norway, Sweden, Finland, Aaland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. It was a good time of fellowship, worship and praying for the different nations.

Praying in the city was also very powerful. The nation is only 50 000 inhabitants so the capital is small. There are maybe 20% of the inhabitants who are Christians, which is a lot.

We prayed at important places like :

Where the nation had set up a monument to thank the king of Denmark for his visit. This is a good symbol of honor and a good attitude of the nation.

Another monument for the people who died in the sea during the second world war and as fishers. The deep seated fear and anguish in the nation probably has its root in these traumas. We prayed for healing of the Faroe’s soul here.

Inside government office TorshavnWe were also able to go into the parliament and the government office. It’s so small and we were able to sit down in the ministers’ chairs. Our canadian friend sitting in the prime minister’s chair on the photo. There are not much security there and several of the MP’s we could meet in the churches. It’s another world compared to many of the parliaments of the world. But it was a very precious time to be able to go Torshavn and pray in these places.

We finished off the conference with praying for Israel and the muslims with all the terror around the world. The day we left for Iceland, it started to rain again.