Mar 182011

Austrian Parliament

April 30 – May 2, 2013: Arriving in Vienna in the afternoon, we started with the spiritual history of the city to help us understand it. Rich history ! And we discovered that in 1913 Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Stalin and Freud all lived in the city at the same time. What was it in city that inspired them for so much evil ? How is it possible ?

Next morning we heard about the rich Jewish history as well. That became the focus of one prayer team in the afternoon. We realized that many had prayed for the same things before and we could feel God is about to answer those prayers. The other team prayed for the church in different places with a powerful time in the St.Stephan’s cathedral. They found a place in a side chapel were they didn’t see time before 45 mins were gone by. Refreshing !

After that we joined a 8 hours worship day over the city, for one hour, and the day was over. Time flies with prayer in the cities.

The last day, we prayed at the Helten platz (the Hero’s place) where Hitler had spoken to 100 000 people when he took over Austria. We prayed for a new voice to speak over the city and the nation. Then we linked those prayers with the government as we went there afterwards declaring Ps 24 and Ps 29 in particular . May the King of Glory enter in !


Mar 282012

The 9th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed!

22-24 April, 2013: Teaching in Bratislava. (from 6 pm on April 22)


By Timotea Vráblová:
1) Preparing spiritual highways
2) How to read God’s signs in the city (or in any other places) and how to respond to them reflecting Christ’s priesthood and kingship.
3) Creative prayer as an extended way of prophetic intercession.

By Henning Schikora: Strategic prophetic intercession

25 April: Travel to Budapest

26-27 April: Prayer in Budapest

27 April: Travel to Bratislava

28-29 April: Prayer in Bratislava

30 April: Travel to Vienna

1-2 May: Prayer in Vienna

Coordinator: Timotea Vrablova: