Jan 232012

Edinburgh: 19-20 Jan 2012

We began this trip with 3 days of preparation at the YWAM base at Seamill. The first 24 hours were set aside for a “burn” – 24 hours of non-stop worship – led entirely by Scottish people or people living in Scotland. It was a powerful time of lifting up God’s name over the nation, and excellent start for what was to follow.
During the next 2 days, we were very blessed to have quality speakers: Jean Black (Prayer for Scotland), Ann McIntyre (Parliamentary Prayer Scotland), Andy Hall, Angela and Steven Boler who all have a huge heart for Scotland and have been praying in this nation for many years. They shared about the history, the spiritual state of the nation and the parliament amongst other things as well as inspiring us with their revelations. Several powerful times of prayer came out of these sessions, especially regarding the proposed referendum on Scottish indepence which has been so much on the news over the last weeks.
Once we arrived in Edinburgh, we were introduced to the spiritual history of the Royal Mile, the mile long road leading from Edinburgh Castle down to Holyrood Palace. It’s an area containing many spiritually significant places and later that day we went out to pray at St. Giles Cathedral, the memorial for the Covenanters and the Castle amongst others. We also prayed into the whole area of the Enlightenment as Edinburgh became known as the Athens of the North and many philosophers such as David Hume and Adam Smith influenced the world from Edinburgh with their ideas.
The following day we had a very good time of worship and intercession, including prophetic words and acts for the nation. We then went out to pray at a Freemasonry lodge, Holyrood Palace and the Canongate church before finishing up at the Parliament where we prayed and declared the things that God had put on our hearts. The subjects of Scotland’s identity and destiny were particularly prayed into as we reminded the nation of Edinburgh’s motto from Ps 127;1 : “Unless the Lord build the house, its builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain”