Apr 182014

Pristina April 6-8, 2014 :

Again we were welcomed with open hearts at the international church in Pristina, which was really in the center of town. We received a good explanation of the history of Kosovo and especially of 2 very significant monuments in the country ; The place where the Sultan’s heart was buried and a monument of the Serbs and their victory over the Ottomans. Both places are like pilgrimage places feeding nationalism and the claim of the land.

SultanThe burial place of the Sultan’s heart. The Sultan that had invaded Europe and wanted to islamisize it in 1489. Burying a heart like that is pure witch craft and influences the Balkans even today.

monumentClose to this is a Serbian monument. Milosovic gathered about 1 million people in the fields in front and spoke (probably very much like Hitler) before the ethnic cleansing started there in the 1990’s. We had a powerful time of prayer there and it would be great to see exactly what happened as we prayed.

Later in the afternoon, we were able to go to the mayor’s office. He had been elected 5 months ago. His party was the 3rd biggest party in the country, but surprisingly he was elected. Maybe because he wanted to fight corruption. We had selected 4 people to go and see him in his office as we thought not many could go, but he invited all the team, 30 in his office. The testimonies afterwards from the Kosovars, was that they were impressed by his humility and wanted to pray more for him.

After that we split up the teams to go in front of the court of justice and the minister of justice. Justice and corruption are prayer subjects in the Balkans. God seems to be doing something about that in Kosovo as well as Albania.

The last day, we finished off by praying in front of the parliament, especially according to Psalm 2 and Psalm 24, for God to enter in to that place of importance.

Mar 182011

Tirana April 1-6, 2014:

We were very well welcomed by Pastor Barry Ogden and the International Protestant Church of Tirana. That was a great help in every way. Such servant people are a big blessing.

There were also a very good participation from the churches in Tirana. About 40 people came for he teachings in the daytime, but there were more than 100 people in the evenings. They were hungry for more of God and His Kingdom. Also there were more than 60 people going out on the streets to pray at key places in town, which is a really good participation.

The minister to who we prophesied is to the left of the woman. Here is session.One day we were able to visit 2 Ministers of the new Cabinet that came into power about 5 months ago. One of them was raised as an orphan in a Missionary orphanage, and received Jesus as personal Lord as a child. He is now in a key position of the Government of Albania, a predominantly Muslim nation (!)

All of us who went into his office prophesied to him the Word of the Lord for Albania and for him personally. Here is a part of what I told him after I read Jeremiah 29:10-11 (notice the 70 yrs of captivity):

In 1944 Albania came under Communism; in 2013, 70 years were completed and the time of captivity of the Albanian nation by the powers of Darkness came to an end. The manifestation of the shift of seasons in the natural world was the change of Government; the previous one was Muslim and corrupt (e.g. there was no social welfare paid to the citizens for over 6 months). The new Government has Christian Ministers, cares for the good of the nation, and cares for the people.

Last week the new Prime Minister of Albania went to Germany. The (Christian) Minister with whom we met was one of the delegates, and shared with us that Angela Merkel spent 4 hours with them. It was the first time Albania was received so well in Europe, even by the most powerful leader in today’s EU. That was a confirmation of the shift in the spirit realm.

Final photo of team in front of
Skaderberg statue

The day after we had prayed inside the parliament, the leader of the other party that had been prime minister for 22 years before this new government came to power, he resigned from politics. That’s another clear change!
We were also able to pray and prophesy over 3 other VIP’s in the nation.

Our presence in Albania this week, and the opportunity to prophesy to members of the Albanian Cabinet, is God’s additional witness to the message of the times:
He wants to give Albania a new identity, a hope and a future! We give God glory for all that happened during our time in Tirana

Mar 182011

Bratislava's castle

April 22-24, 2013: We started this trip with a big youth prayer event that was streamed on internet live for young people in Slovakia. We got to share 15 mins there. That was a surprise !

Then we had 2 days of teaching focusing a lot on the identity of the nations. We got a good explanation of the Slovakian identity. In those days, one of the most corrupt men in the government, a party leader, was kicked out by his own party. Another surprise !

April 28-29: We were part of a church service in the morning, where the spiritual history of Bratislava was the teaching. In the afternoon, we started the intercession from the castle. About 40 people were split up in 8 groups praying in different places in the city. There were many good reports in the evening in the worship and prayer meeting.

April 29th, we were invited to the parliament by a member of parliament. He shared his conversion to Jesus, the situation in the parliament and different prayer points for him and the government. He spend 2 hours with us. We had a powerful time of prayer there, all on our knees at one time. There were about 35 of us. The Slovakian Christians were very much encouraged by this and it gave them faith to get more involved in prayer for the authorities.

In the afternoon, we went to the Devin castle 20km away. This is a place of significance since the authorities were established there some time in history and the first church in the area was started there. It has also been a place full of bloodshed, and it’s definitely a place for the church to return to. The reports in the evening were again very positive and we left Bratislava thanking God for what we could do together.

Inside the parliament

Mar 182011

Austrian Parliament

April 30 – May 2, 2013: Arriving in Vienna in the afternoon, we started with the spiritual history of the city to help us understand it. Rich history ! And we discovered that in 1913 Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Stalin and Freud all lived in the city at the same time. What was it in city that inspired them for so much evil ? How is it possible ?

Next morning we heard about the rich Jewish history as well. That became the focus of one prayer team in the afternoon. We realized that many had prayed for the same things before and we could feel God is about to answer those prayers. The other team prayed for the church in different places with a powerful time in the St.Stephan’s cathedral. They found a place in a side chapel were they didn’t see time before 45 mins were gone by. Refreshing !

After that we joined a 8 hours worship day over the city, for one hour, and the day was over. Time flies with prayer in the cities.

The last day, we prayed at the Helten platz (the Hero’s place) where Hitler had spoken to 100 000 people when he took over Austria. We prayed for a new voice to speak over the city and the nation. Then we linked those prayers with the government as we went there afterwards declaring Ps 24 and Ps 29 in particular . May the King of Glory enter in !


Mar 182011

Praying in a deputy's officeApril 25-26, 2013: The time in Budapest was intense. We arrived there and went straight into the parliament after some briefing. There were about 30 of us. We had some prayer and worship in a mp’s office. For many of the Hungarians, that was a step forward and a real encouragement.

The second day, we visited the main Jewish quarter and prayed there in the morning. Quite a few Christians are reaching out to the Jews. Budapest has always had a rich Jewish history, so this is really important.

Praying about the Budapest CrownIn the afternoon we prayed on a bridge with new freemason obelisks and a copy of a crown which is about to become an idol of the nation according to the pastors. The real crown is now in the parliament.The first king of the nation was crowned with it. Just recently it was put there after have been in a museum for centuries. Some declarations in the law has been made about the crown having authority over the government and is almost becoming sacred. We had powerful prayers concerning this crown and freemasons lifting t up to an abnormal position.

After that, we went up to Buda castle on the other side of the Danube where we were speaking and prophesying over Budapest. We finished the time in Budapest in a church with some worship and good reports from the participants. We are quite sure we accomplished all God wanted the short while we were there.

Budapest on the Danube

Mar 062013

OCE Balkans – report from the trips to Sofia and Skopje

Both events were carried out successfully and the glory of the Lord was manifest in different ways, and on various levels. Reflecting on those wonderful times, here below are a few thoughts that surface at the very top and need to be recorded for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The success of this OCE trip to Sofia and Skopje, and the subsequent blessings we enjoyed through it, was largely thanks to the networking and prayer initiatives that have been undertaken through the recent years by local leaders, for the sake of the Balkan nations. Philip Rashev from Bulgaria, who organized the OCE Sofia, and, Pastor Aleksandar Vuletic working as a team with Bryan Brenchley (visionary, coordinator and prayer leader for the Balkans) who organized the OCE in Skopje, have been instrumental in raising prayer for the nations of the region, and promoting strategic cooperation among leaders across the borders. We thank God for them!

OCE in Sofia 20-24 Feb. 2013

The most dramatic event occurred on the day of arrival into Sofia; the Government of Bulgaria resigned, after much turmoil in the country, which led to conflicts with the Police and bloodshed.

We perceived the timing of the event as the Voice of the Lord saying “this is the timing for a shift in government”, meaning, also in matters pertaining to the Body of Christ and its leaders. No wonder our host Pastor, Pavel Ignatov, had also resigned a few days earlier, from a position he has had as leader of many churches in Bulgaria. Further, on Sunday 24 Feb. the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria was scheduled to elect their new Patriarch!

IMG_4611IMG_0396When the event of the OCE in Sofia was decided a year earlier, we had had no knowledge, and none could predict, that it would be God’s timing for a major shift in the heavenly places, causing major shifts in positions of government on the earth. As Pastor Pavel Ignatov repeatedly said, that was a “a sign from God” that the Operation Capitals of Europe in Sofia was an event for which God sent His servants to perform His good will in Bulgaria.

We give thanks to the Lord for Philip Rashev who did all the hard work for the OCE in Sofia, and involved his Pastor Pavel Ignatov and their church. Thanks to them several Pastors attended. On the opening meeting 10 Bulgarian Pastors came to the platform to lead prayer for their country.

Philip also organized prayer for Sofia to be held on Mount Vitosha, overlooking the city. That memorable event was held on Saturday morning. Even though Vitosha was covered in snow, the Lord granted us good weather that day so we could reach the place where we could pray from.

IMG_4558IMG_4561We also prayed a lot for the foundations of the city. It’s not a coincidence as the government did a lot of road and city building the recent years, they uncovered the foundations of the ancient city which was called Serdika. As the physical often is a reflection of the spiritual, we saw this as a sign. We prayed often Isaiah 62:1-6, praying for the new name and identity as God sees the city to come forth. Interestingly, where the ancient foundations were located in the city stood the statue of the goddess Sofia (whom the city derived its name; her name means ‘wisdom’). We prayed there strategically, for God to expose false wisdom (James 3:15) and grant the new government “wisdom from above” (James 3:17).

We also prayed and declared Psalm 24 for the Government and in front of the main entrance door; that Jesus, the King of Glory may come in there!

The event was closed with a celebration lunch after Sunday church service in Sofia, before the OCE team and 3 Bulgarian friends drove off to Skopje.

An awesome testimony of God’s power released through the OCE in Sofia became known to us on Sunday 3 March, through a Bulgarian sister who has been praying for the salvation of her family. Two ladies in Bulgaria suddenly opened their hearts to Jesus and started praying and reading the Bible, as each one separately had a divine visitation on Friday 22 February. That was the 2nd day of our prayers in Sofia, and more specifically, the day we prayer-walked in the center of the city!

OCE in Skopje 24-26 Feb. 2013

Pastor Sasha (the main host of OCE in Skopje) started a new church plant, and, 4 new believers were baptized in water the same week with OCE in Skopje. Can this coincidence of timing have been ordained by God to reveal that it is His timing for a “new church” to arise and conquer new territories for God’s Kingdom in the land? This new church plant is at a location where there are no other churches; the place is called “Aerodrome”, literally meaning “air-strip” or “air-way”. Can this be prophetic that this new generation of believers will be like eagles flying high? This is certainly one of the purposes of OCE visiting every capital in Europe for prayer; to encourage the local Body of Christ to continue spreading the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Sasha and prayer leader Bryan offered strategic insights in regards to how to pray for their city, and did a wonderful job of preparation and planning the event, and inviting other local leaders to participate. They also invited people who represented the strategic areas of society (which some people call the “7 mountains” ( the 7 mind molders or spheres of influence) to present to the OCE gathering the spiritual climate and key challenges for prayer. We then had the opportunity to pray onsite at some of these strategic venues, including the TV station, the university, the parliament and places of worship like the United Methodist Church, the Orthodox church and the mosque.

Moreover, thanks to the publicity of the event by the Balkan Networks, the event in Skopje was enriched by the participation of people from Kosova and Albania, while Philip Rashev came along from Bulgaria with another two men, giving the meetings the colour of a Balkan Conference.

skopje montagneOne of the highlights was our prayer from a mountain overlooking Skopje, where a remarkable sign occurred regarding the weather. It was very rainy when we arrived, and according to the weather forecast the rain should continue; that would be a problem when we would go out to pray in the city. We prayed and asked that as a sign of a breakthrough, the sun would break through the dark clouds. That happened while we prayed on the mountain over Skopje, and we had sunshine as we walked through the city praying at different strategic places. We believe that the sunshine and clear skies we had that day in spite of the gloomy forecast was a sign of a shift in the spiritual climate over the land. So we thank Jesus, the Son of righteousness for the breakthrough and give Him all the glory.

Mar 182011

Holocaust MemorialOct 23-28, 2012

We were welcomed to Moscow by our host who is a member of the Orthodox Church but met each day in a German Lutheran Church and were joined by various people from these two churches and also from the Catholic Church. This in itself was very significant as there is usually no contact between the different believers.

We were touched by the fact that they quickly came to trust us and shared from their hearts about their difficulties and challenges. This was precious because they admitted that they were used to living in denial concerning their suffering, particularly linked to the Soviet years, but with us they were able to talk and then to pray, thus allowing God to begin to touch and heal them.

They had prepared a very detailed timetable for us and we also had some things that God had put on our hearts, so by putting them together we were able to have four very full and very powerful days of prayer and worship together.

Gulag memoral plaque near Lubyanka squareThe first day we went out to Victory Park, a large park devoted to the victory over the Nazi regime in the Second World War. We had 4 German people among us, including the leader of our team, so we took a time in front of the holocaust memorial to confess sin and give and receive forgiveness.

On the second day we went a little outside the city to the site of a former Soviet gulag (concentration camp) where at least 20,000 people (and maybe as many as twice this number) were killed. The horrors of what happened here were difficult to hear and the people are still very marked by these things. We were able to have a deep prayer time here, praying for the healing of the land and the people and then sharing communion together.

Praying in the subwayThe next day saw us praying first in the subway deep under the city where many of the stations are still full of statues and mosaics glorifying Stalin and the Soviet regime, then at the Kremlin where we were able to pray concerning the current leadership of Russia.

Borovitskaya Tower and Kremlin ArmoryThe last day of prayer was devoted to the churches in the nation. We had a long time of repentance for the sins of the church and read out many passages of scripture, declaring God’s plan and vision for His Church. We had intended to go out and pray at several church buildings but God led us instead to remain indoors and go really deeply into this subject. In the evening however, we did go out to meet up with a group of people from a Pentecostal church whose building had been bulldozed just a few weeks earlier. We stood in the dark and freezing cold, on a muddy patch of ground next to where their building had stood and prayed with them and for them. We then took up an offering for them, thus sowing a prophetic seed for their future as a community.

St. Basil's CathedralSubway muralsOn our last day we made our way through snow and rain to share a meal with those who had joined us during the week. Prayers were said and hugs exchanged. We felt we had made a deep connection with them and they told us that although in the past some people had come to teach them, no-one had ever come to pray for them and they were obviously touched by this.

Since our return, we have had an e-mail from one person who joined with us which confirms this. This person thanks us, saying that she has never before experienced such deep and powerful prayer and that they plan to continue to pray for their city as we showed them. Wow!

Mar 182011

Berlin: City of PeaceOct 16-21, 2012: Berlin: City of Peace

 In some ways, Berlin felt like the most important capital city we have visited to date, although of course they are all important in their own way. We were a team of about 20 people, with virtually all of us coming from nations which had at one time or another been at war with Germany, so it felt very key to be able to come together with the many people from Berlin and elsewhere in Germany who joined us, to have a week of worship, prayer, reconciliation and declarations.

Seeking God's Presence
Seeking God’s Presence

We were very blessed to have prayer leaders from Germany with us who gave us teaching and who guided us in our praying for the government, the city and the nation. We had powerful times of worship together where God seemed to be going deep down into the foundations of the nation to bring healing and also a time of repentance, forgiveness and prayer together where German people were able to ask forgiveness and we, as representatives of other nations, could speak out forgiveness and bless Germany, calling her forward into her God-given destiny. We were all in agreement that God has given Germany a gifting of leadership, but that it is to be exercised with humility. We also saw how things that happen in Berlin (or indeed Germany) then go worldwide, whether good or bad, which is  a source of huge potential but also carries with it great responsibility.

Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

Our prayer times in the city took us in groups to various places to pray into issues such as the foundational roots of the city, the effect of the enlightenment on the nation, the church and the fact that Berlin has declared herself to be the homosexual capital of Europe.


On one day, we went out to the former concentration camp at Sachsenhausen. This was in some ways, the “mother” camp from which decisions were taken about the other camps which were set up elsewhere and it was a privilege as well as a very moving experience, to be able to gather in a room there to worship, pray and share communion together. In view of the fact that we were going on to Moscow afterwards, it was also significant to hear the number of Russians who were killed here.


Another day was, as with all our trips, devoted to prayer for the government. Some of us met with a Christian MP and were able to hear his prayer needs, while others prayed around the Reichstag building. We were specifically asked to pray for wisdom for them in their decision-making.

Berlin Shines!
Berlin Shines!

In the evenings we were privileged to hear from one of the leaders of Poland for Jesus who encouraged us with what they have experienced in Poland and how prayer for the government is changing things in their nation.

It was the festival of light in the city during the week we were there with many of the buildings illuminated and God also shone his light on us by giving us warm sunshine and clear blue sky throughout the week. “The light shone in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it”!

Mar 182011

02June 25-29, 2012

At OCE London there were about 20 people in the team and this was added to by The Stable church members making it up to about 40 people. The Walk for Truce, organized by YWAM England Prayer Network and OCE London was just over 100 people. The Stable church in Barnet hosted OCE London and it was a privilege to be taken care of by such a gifted group of people. We had teaching from Victor Lorenzo who spoke on strongholds in Business and Government and brought out several points about the freemasons. David Sladden was our main speaker and he taught on the spiritual history of London which was very insightful. We also had Michael Marcel come and teach on Revival in the UK and he led us on a revival tour of London which was well worth getting through all the traffic for. Worship was led by me (Steven Hanratty) and Vernon Fuller, who did a great job. Thank you to Jennifer Page who did registration for us and other administration jobs: well done Jennifer.

01The first evening Victor Lorenzo spoke on strongholds in London, which was a great way to start and really set us up with the whole idea that London is a very large city with major historical strongholds. We prayed that evening as we walked around a map of London seven times for strongholds in London to come down and God’s Holy Spirit to be able to move freely in the city. It was mentioned afterwards that The Stable church had a ministry that finished a few years ago. This ministry would leave from The Stable to walk around London in prayer every year and happened for a total of seven years.

03The next day 4 of our team had the privilege of participating in the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast. As a result of OCE London and YWAM National Prayer Network coordinating the Walk for Truce we had the opportunity to meet leaders, MPs and Ambassadors from all over the world who had come together to pray for God’s will to be done in Parliament in London. 670 people attended the Breakfast. After hearing some wonderful testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the lives of Members of Parliament we heard from the Bishop of London and he spoke about running the race of life for Jesus (which he compared to the Olympic races that are being held in London this summer).

04After the Prayer Breakfast about 100 people had signed up for the Walk for Truce, which was an initiative started by Lord Michael Bates to promote the UN resolution that was created to stop war around the world during the Olympics and Para-Olympics. Lord Bates had been able to obtain 194 signature countries for the UN resolution as result of walking from Athens to London to promote his cause. OCE London did the marshaling for the event and guided the way for the participants to find their way to a Catholic church close to the Olympic site where there was a short time of worship and some final prayers. YWAM England Prayer Network and OCE London have been officially thanked by the Bible Society (organizers of the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast) for the work done in organizing the Walk for Truce. Well done everyone!

05That evening David Sladden spoke on the spiritual history of London. He talked about the idea that London was a Roman founded city and that this foundation has had a great impact on how we do things today. He also mentioned about the international calling upon London and how whatever was started in London would easily go throughout the world. Freemasonry has played a large role in the building of London and London is one of the headquarters for Freemasonry around the world.

06The next day focused on teaching and we prayed for protection over London and the UK throughout the Olympics and we prayed as the Spirit of repentance came on us for God to forgive the land of England and city of London for mobilizing for war. We prayed that God would stop any spirit of conflict that may want to come in during the games because of the Greek god of the Olympic Games being a god of war. There was a comment given at this point about the Olympic competitors in ancient Athens at times being killed as a result of losing. We prayed that this would be a peaceful and life-giving time in the UK for all the participants and spectators.

07On the teaching day we left the church premises to walk about 15 minutes to a local well. The well had been covered over by a well house. There we prayed for Barnet for a well of the Holy Spirit to be in that city and we prayed for many to be healed, refreshed and cleansed at the well. We found out that the well was used for drinking and washing out the body’s system. The water from the well was bottled and sent into the centre of London to be sold.

08That evening Michael Marcel came to teach on Revival in the UK and we prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill everyone present in a fresh way. Michael focused his talk on the principles of revival and conditions that were needed to be in place for it to happen. The very next day we began at 10:00 am to drive to central London for a revival tour with Michael. We prayed outside Westminster Abbey for God’s kingdom to come and noticed the obelisks outside the Abbey representing freemasonry. We also prayed at the Tower of London recognising the martyrs who had given their lives for the Gospel and the word of God during the reformation period. We prayed in the mini-bus in a small back alley close to the River Thames where the very first English Bible came into the country. Thanksgiving erupted in the van as we heard the history of that Bible.

09We went onto Wesley’s Chapel and prayed by Charles Wesley’s organ for new songs to come from England again and in John Wesley’s prayer room for a new movement of prayer to come forth. We met in the main chapel area at the end of our time and prayed for God’s fire to fall upon England and the nations: it was a powerful time in God’s presence. We went on from there to prayer at John Newton’s church and we had a powerful time as we sang Amazing Grace together and other songs and prayed into the meaning of that hymn. We finished the tour by seeing the location of John Wesley’s conversion experience and where his brother Charles became a Christian as well. We went on that evening to a prayer meeting at HTB were we heard that the church in London has stopped declining and is now growing, which was something we had prayed into.

10The final Friday was taken up by praying in teams around the city. Before the three teams left we prayed and worshipped together for God to move through His Holy Spirit not just in the church in London but all the spheres as well. There was a deep sense of God calling His bride to arise in London and be more intimate with Him again. Three teams left from The Stable church. The first to pray around the old Roman walls; the second team went to pray at the St Paul’s Cathedral and City Hall; the third team went to pray at Buckingham Palace and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

11That evening we came together and worshipped and gave thanks as we reported back to the church about what we had done that week. Ben and the team from the Stable led us in worship and did an amazing job. God spoke about us going deeper with Him in worship and prayer and not settling for second best. We also prayed for the leaders at the church and for The Stable to be a well of God’s Holy Spirit to the community. Then the church members prayed and blessed us. The Saturday morning we met with the local prayer team to support them in their on-going prayers for Barnet and the city. Overall the time in London was a success but navigating the large city and the long hours were indeed a challenge but well worth it and I believe that we did have an impact for God’s glory: Thank you Lord!




May 132012

June 20 to 24, 2012

01There were 15 people on the team for Cardiff and this increased to 45 people with the prayer group from Belmont Baptist Church and then to about 65 at the Sunday service that OCE Cardiff led at the Church. The days consisted of teaching by David Sladden which focused on the spiritual history of Cardiff from the Roman era all the way through to modern history and recent moves of God like the 1904/5 Welsh revival. Gary Smith, leader of Ignite Ministries Cardiff, also spoke on the current spiritual climate in Cardiff and referred to past moves of God as he compared now and then. He stated that unity amongst the churches was a big prayer need. Colin and Mavis Harris gave significant input as prayer coordinators in Cardiff and their insight inspired us to continue to pray where others had left off. Worship was led by, myself, (Steven Hanratty) and Paul Verheul, who did a great job. Jennifer Page did the registration for Cardiff: thank you Jennifer. Liverpool School of Evangelism who were on outreach in Cardiff helped out so much in finding contacts for our trip, so thank you to them also.

02The first evening at Belmont Baptist Church focused on worship and preparing our hearts for the coming week. Belmont Baptist Church prayer group joined us. As we worshiped a lady who was dancing with flags at the back was invited forward to raise a banner of God’s love over the nation. Later she explained to one of the group that her back was in great pain because of a dancing injury from several months ago. Two or three gathered around her and prayed for healing and then a word about restoration for her body and her gift of dancing was given by one of the team. She explained that usually the pain goes on for the whole week without getting any better. The very next morning she gave testimony of waking up with no pain whatsoever and that it was a real healing from God. This healing was confirmation that God didn’t only want to heal individuals in Cardiff but He also wanted to heal the city of Cardiff, and the nation of Wales.

04Our prayer times began at the Assembly building in the Cardiff Bay area where we were given a tour of the Assembly building and learnt about the history of the architecture and devolution of the political authority from London to Cardiff. The building there is modern, transparent and communal in nature. It was said to represent the intentions of the architect who had strong beliefs about how Wales should be governed when it was given back authority to make decisions for itself. In the middle of the Assembly, above the Assembly Chamber, where decisions are discussed and made, there was a tree like formation and it was said to represent the growth of the nation of Wales and the health that would come from the decisions made in government. The chamber could represent the roots of the tree. Whether the government in Wales is currently making good decisions or not, the focus was on the symbolism of the building and this was a powerful metaphor.

05After the tour we made our way to the Lighthouse Ship in Cardiff Bay. A Christian ship with a coffee shop about 200 metres from the Assembly building. In the small chapel on the boat we prayed that the Welsh Government would be like a tree planted by streams of living water and that its fruit would be godly fruit (Psalm 2). We also prayed that Wales would have a new model of government that could be adopted elsewhere in the world. A new model of government that is transparent, non-argumentative and life-giving: just like the building represented. It was noted that the building was almost the opposite of Parliament in London with its ancient architecture, dark lighting and small back rooms where much of English politics is discussed.

06Our prayer times at Belmont were powerful and anointed. As we gathered we prayed specifically for Christian Bible colleges in Wales that were currently in transition and that out of those Bible Colleges would arise leaders who could make room for God to move in power and revival again in Wales. We prayed specifically for the way in which the Bible would be taught in these places and that it would be from a healthy and Holy Spirit-led perspective.

07After having Gary Smith share about the current spiritual climate we realised that God had brought together two groups of people that evening: the evangelists and the intercessors. Both gifts that are central to any move of revival. We moved into a prayer time specifically praying for the unity of these two gifts. As we prayed further we realized God was asking us to pray for the church to be healed from disunity and broken relationships in Cardiff. The local group stood in a circle on the inside (facing inwards) and prayed for unity. The international team stood facing out to protect and be like watchmen, in prayer, over the healing process.

08The very next evening after a day of teaching we prayed for the continuation of a restoration of the Welsh language and culture specifically because the moves of God in Wales have been predominantly in the Welsh language. As God moved us to pray and sing in tongues, because it is the heavenly language that God wants to restore to His people, we witnessed a young Welsh lady cry out for God to move in the Welsh language and then sing, in Welsh, a child’s worship song over the people in the prayer meeting. We then prayed for the next move of God to go out from Wales to Europe and the rest of the world. God then moved on the Welsh people in the meeting to pray for the others from around the world as a representation of that move.

09On our third day of prayer we prayed for the Healing on the Streets ministry at Woodville Baptist Church and for healing for one of the members in the team. Then we split into small groups and prayed around three different areas.

The first team went to pray at the Cardiff City Government, the University and also the Castle.  As the Olympic sign was outside the City Government buildings they prayed for the Olympics.  They prayed that the City Government would give the churches favour while they did outreaches in the city during the Olympic Games and that the wind of God’s Spirit would move on Cardiff and bring about "winds of change" through the city government and the city of Cardiff. The team were led specifically to pray outside the new building for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and felt that God wanted to use the creativity of the Welsh in bringing the gospel to Wales and the nations. At the Castle they walked around the walls and prayed for the purification of the foundations of the city and as there were flags flying from many nations, they prayed that God would raise up Wales in the eyes of the world and take its place among the nations.

10The second team went to the Cathedral where they had felt led to pray for the rededication of the Cathedral. They prayed that it would not be dedicated this time to idols from ancient times, like waters spirits or other gods, but to the one true God. They arrived to a fanfare of trumpets and a full Cathedral. The Cathedral was already being re-dedicated and mayors from different areas and church officials were there to rededicate it. It would seem that God had ordained the rededication to be about Him rather than any other. That team also prayed over the river flowing by the Cathedral and prayed for it to be a river of the Holy Spirit: pure and undefiled.

The final team went to the Castle, the Stadium and 4 churches in Cardiff. As they arrived at the Castle they realized that it was open to the public and there was a Welsh language and cultural festival going on with TV cameras, music, art and food. It was confirmation that God wanted them to pray for the Welsh language and culture as He had guided the evening before. The group also prayed for a root of conflict and disunity in the city brought in by the Roman soldiers when conquering the area. This group then went down to the riverside and prayed for the stadium which was a representation of a modern Cathedral and had been used for Songs of Praise (A Christian TV programme). As the team walked to the Tabernacle (Welsh speaking church) in Cardiff they were met outside by the treasurer who was locking up and they asked if they could pray in the court yard. The treasurer said that he could do better than that and invited them into the church building and they all gathered in the sanctuary to pray.

The treasurer described how this was one of the only churches to welcome the Welsh revival of 1904/5 in Cardiff and he described how in one day 700 were baptised in that move of God. He cried as the group prayed for him and said he didn’t understand why God had sent people from all over the world to pray for him and the Tabernacle church that day. They ended their time by asking him to pray for them in Welsh: it was a powerful moment.

1211The final morning was spent with Belmont Baptist Church. We took the service on the Sunday morning and then they prepared a wonderful banquet to send OCE Cardiff off to the next assignment. Wendy, the lady who was healed gave her testimony and Carol spoke about her encounter with God in Athens. It was a powerful time and many, even the children, received a fresh move of God’s Holy Spirit. All the glory must go to God. Praise Him for all he has done.