May 182011

We met 100 m from this buildingJan 25-27, 2011

In Brussels we had 20-25 Christians joining us. The city had been prepared with a lot of prayers. We were well-hosted only 100m from the EU-commission building. The worship and prayer was powerful with lots of words from the Lord coming through. So we were strengthened before going out. Small teams went out to pray around the EU-buildings. The following days we also had visits inside the EU-commission and the EU-parliament.

The president of the European parliament, Mr Buzek, speaking at the holocost memorial.The first day, four of the OCE-team could go to the remembrance day of the Holocaust thanks to the European Coalition for Israel who were among the organisers. The list of “big names” who shared was long : The president of the European Parliament Mr. Buzek, President of the World Jewish Congress, the president of the European Jewish Congress, the Rabbi from Jerusalem….. and more. It has become an important meeting with 80% Jews, and they see it as something important. Thank God for the Christians organising with the Jews on behalf of the European Parliament. It was quite obvious that the Jews are really important for God in connection to Europe and their governments. Both in Strasbourg and Brussels we had important meetings with the Jewish people and we had better keep that in our minds as we continue to pray in the rest of the European capitals.

The last day, we were led to pray for Belgium and the national identity. As we all know, Belgium is going through a crisis, being without a government for so long. We felt something was born in the Spirit in the morning. We all had the same impression and felt we needed to pray more about it in the evening. This seemed to be a preparation for when we come back to Brussels to pray for the national government June 4-5.

May 172011

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    A little booklet “Spiritual History of Belgium” has been written (22 pages, 22 subjects and 30 prayer subjects) to give more historical background information in order to pray more effectively for Belgium; this booklet exists in English, French and Dutch; you can order it (4 EUR+ costs) at

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