Jun 102011

Report Luxembourg June 1-2, 2011

We were a group of 16 people coming to Luxembourg to pray for the (national) government this time. We were hosted by individuals in a church. We met in this church before and after going out to pray in the city. The first morning we were together with a prayer group of 12 people in the church. In the afternoon we split up in 3 groups.

Luxembourg Europa Stamp 1997 La Belle Mélusine

One group went to the Casamates, where Sigfrid first heard the song of Melusine, a mermaid, and build the first castle. He had to sell his soul to the devil to marry her. We prayed a lot into this ; the seduction, the covenant with death according to Is 28 : 14-17 and prayed that Luxembourg now would hear the song of Jesus, her Creator. To the right you see the Melusine on a stamp from Luxembourg

Another group went to the statue that represents the city. It’s a golden godess on the top of an obelisk. There they prayed for the identity of the city. Then they went into the heart of the city, to pray for that heart and speak words of life into it.

The third group went to the banking area, praying for the financial world with all the corruption and hidden things going on. This group also went in to the center of the city to pray.

The second day we all went together. First we prayed at the cathedral. Then we went to a square in the heart of the city. We declared many bibleverses speaking about the identity of the city. As we did people gathered curiously around us. We could pray for one lady that was very moved.

After this we went to the Duke’s palace and the building of the presidency of the parliament. We prayed for both and declared several scriptures. We were content with our time in Luxembourg believing we did what God had asked us to do.