Jun 222011

Report Paris May 28th and 30th 2011

A good international team met in Paris for 2 days. The aim was to pray for the government, the authorities and France in general.

We had strong times of worship and times of repentance as representatives of the church for wrongs done during the centuries. (The church has also done good things) The church has often not accomplished what it should. It should spread the life of the Gospel.

We went in small teams to different places in the Capital repenting for what has been done and is still being done today as well: St. Bartholomew , the place of execution of the Knights Templars, idol worship places during the revolution, Le Vel d’Hiv, la Salpetrier, sexual immorality that had been particularly marked in certain places. During times of repentance at these places, the Lord gave us more things to pray about.

The second day we all walked down the Champs-Elysées in small teams. We prayed for the political authorities especially during this time of unrest before the presidential elections (notably with the case of Strauss-Kahn). We prayed for the president in front the Elysée Palace and the national assembly for the government that they will have wisdom and blessings to govern in a right way.

The joy and unity was strong in the team.