May 182016

Day One

We began the day with introductions, followed by a time of worship. Afterwards our host gave us a brief history of the church in Sweden, which started from the ninth century, when a German bishop introduced the Catholic faith. About 500 years later the Uppsala Church Counsel started the Lutheran Church in Sweden, which was eventually embraced by King Gustavus. The king outlawed Catholicism. Thus began an ebb and flow of faith, legalism, secularism, and revival through the centuries. The most notable revival was the Great 40 Year Revival of 1906, coinciding with Azuza Street. Even the royal family became involved. But still the pattern of ebb and flow continued. The most recent revival was the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s and New Life in the 1980’s. Since then the church history of Sweden has been decline, marked only by new church plants by immigrants. Missions work has been the thing to save the Uppsala church from fading into insignificance.

The discussion:

The vision for Stockholm’s spiritual state was a thick grayness in the atmosphere over Stockholm, and an understanding that this spiritual grayness speaks of the tired heart of Stockholm, Isaiah 52:1-2:

Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength! Put on your garments of splendor, Jerusalem, the holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again. Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive.

One of our hosts noted the Swedish tendency to embrace only one point of view at a time. This speaks of resistance to change or other points of view, which is no doubt what led to the massacre of the nobles and bishops who were progressives with an opposing opinion. This was confirmation that the place of that slaughter, Stortorget, in the heart of the old city. In fact, the island that the old city is on is shaped like a heart. Since Sweden’s heart is tired, we decided to go and concentrate on praying there.

The flood of refugees and the many rapes perpetrated against Swedish women has caused public opinion to wildly swing from welcoming to closing their borders. It was important that we pray into that “one opinion” thing of Sweden. The verse best describing Sweden is Judges 21:25:

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.

This speaks of lawlessness. In fact, it was pointed out that one law to be discussed is legalizing marriage with the corpse of one’s beloved: necrophilia. There is a death culture and a death fascination here in Sweden. One of the past kings had a fascination with Egypt, so there is an Egyptian museum full of mummies. Swedish midwives have caused a stir by not cooperating in abortions.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

In Sweden’s secular, humanistic society, there seems to be a tolerance of everything but the truth. When truth is spoken, especially from the Bible, it is labeled as intolerance. Ironically, the most intolerant people are the ones that scream about intolerance.

One person pointed out that Sweden has the most single occupant households. Family is oppressed, while the insemination of single women has become legalized. The attitude is one of not needing fathers. Contradictory law allows both parents to stay home with a newborn.

Schools allow mobile phones in school, which causes problems concentrating. Children are not well-connected with their parents. Freemasonry is behind all these laws.

Someone observed that humanism is subtly evil, and perhaps more so because it doesn’t appear to be evil.

As the discussion ended, we prayed and prophesied for two of our hosts: one, a leader representing the Lutheran (state) Church, and the other, a leader representing the Free Church. The Lutheran leader was heading out for an appointment with a Catholic bishop about the Swedish Prayer Breakfast. So we prayed and blessed his meeting. He would join us for prayers later.

Prayer Walking

We started at Stortorget, in the heart of the old city, where the nobles and bishops of opposing opinion were slaughtered, and we prayed to wake the heart of Stockholm. Psalm 40:1-4:

I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in Him. Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods.

And Psalm 37:3-7

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

Isaiah 52:1-2 to call forth the identity of Swedes: strength, entrepreneurship, music, missionary spirit generosity, art, inventiveness, creativity, design, beauty with functionality, devotion, and discernment:

Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength! Put on your garments of splendor, Jerusalem, the holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again. Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive.

We prayed to open revival wells, there at the original city well and prophesied to the well that living water should come forth, open the wells of true faith and missionary spirit. Then we had communion.

Praying in front of the King's Palace

Praying in front of the King’s Palace

Then we walked to the King’s Palace. It was noted that the present king had said no when the Freemasons asked him to be their Grand Master. This year the king turned 70—in this Jubilee year, the king had his own jubilee.

There we also prayed against the culture of death and broke the Freemason pact with death. We proclaimed Psalm 92:14-15 for the king, saying:

May he will still bear fruit in old age, he will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, “The Lord is upright; He is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in Him.”

And that he would be a servant leader, full of the Holy Spirit as in Acts 6:1-6. We also prayed Psalm 90:10 for the king, that:

[His] days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if [his] strength endures.

And we proclaimed long life to the king.

Then we walked to a building, built by the Freemasons, then occupied by the army, which is now the courts building for the Justice Palace. We prayed and proclaimed Nahum 2:2:

The Lord will restore the splendor of [Sweden] like the splendor of Israel, though destroyers have laid them waste and have ruined their vines.

And also Psalm 37:5-6:

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.

One of our hosts pointed out that the first book in Sweden had been printed right there at the monastery. It was a book about right and wrong. On this day celebrating free speech and freedom of the press, we said a prayer that such freedoms will continue, and will be equally applied to Christians as well as to others.

Then we walked around the whole island of the old city, which is shaped like a heart, proclaiming revival to the tired heart of Stockholm. We did CPR: Christian Resuscitation Proclamations.

Day Two

As observed before, today marked the 250th anniversary of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press. So after a time of really glorious and joyful worship and prayer, believing that the spiritual grayness seen over Stockholm would be broken by joyful worship.

One person saw a vision in which eagles were circling over the Parliament. One eagle swooped down and caught up a snake. He said that there are 5 people in the government that are poisonous like a snake. Two will soon be removed, and the other 3 will be neutralized. Then he saw God’s scepter come down like a hammer.

Answer of prayer :The following week one person in the government and one the parliament resigned from their position.

As we prayed and prophesied, one person mentioned Mary’s Magnificat, found in chapter 1 of Luke’s Gospel:

My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for He has been mindful of the humble state of His servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed, for the Mighty One has done great things for me—Holy is His Name. His mercy extends to those who fear Him, from generation to generation. He has performed mighty deeds with His arm; He has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts. He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble. He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty. He has helped His servant Israel, remembering to be merciful to Abraham and his descendants forever, just as He promised our ancestors.

And it was declared that this is only the beginning of what God will do in Sweden. God is rebuking the unclean spirits in Parliament as in Mark 1:23-28, and they will come out with a loud cry:

Just then a man in their synagogue who was possessed by an impure spirit cried out, “What do You want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are—the Holy One of God!”

“Be quiet!” said Jesus sternly. “Come out of him!” The impure spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek. The people were all so amazed that they asked each other, “What is this? A new teaching—and with authority! He even gives orders to impure spirits and they obey Him.” News about Him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee.

God will raise up City Fathers, replacing the poisonous ones with men that have a father’s heart in the government. If the church praises joyfully, it can help birth the new beginning. The church needs to rejoice prophetically. The Christians of Sweden need to have God’s heart to pray for the city. This was explained to us as a confusing and dramatic time in Swedish government.

Prayer Walking

Gustav Adolfs Torg square

Gustav Adolfs Torg square

We started our prayer walking at Gustav Adolfs Torg square where there had been an uprising concerning free speech. It was in this square that 144 farmers were massacred by the army on their way to Parliament. The scandal caused by this massacre actually convinced the Parliament to establish free speech and freedom of the press. And the number 144 is interesting because it is 12 x 12 or 122. Twelve, being the Biblical number of government. We prayed, asking for freedom and openness, and that there would be a Nineveh style repentance, as in Jonah 3:6-10:

When Jonah’s warning reached the king of Nineveh, he rose from his throne, took off his royal robes, covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust. This is the proclamation he issued in Nineveh: “By the decree of the king and his nobles: Do not let people or animals, herds or flocks, taste anything; do not let them eat or drink. But let people and animals be covered with sackcloth. Let everyone call urgently on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence. Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish.”

When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, He relented and did not bring on them the destruction He had threatened.

The Truth will set Sweden free, as in Isaiah 52:1-2:

Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength! Put on your garments of splendor, Jerusalem, the holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again. Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive.

Stockholm Parliament

Stockholm Parliament

Also Psalm 2:10-11:

Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate His rule with trembling.

One person saw a volcano of righteousness erupting from the parliamentary prayer room. There will be a new Viking Spirit, not one of pillage, plunder, rape, and robbery; but of righteousness, justice, peace, and boldness to speak God’s Truth in love. Let the leaders say, as David said in 2 Samuel 24:17:

“[We] have sinned; [we], the shepherd[s], have done wrong. These are but sheep. What have they done? Let Your hand fall on [us] and [our] famil[ies].”

And may it be as in Isaiah 11:2:

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on [them]—the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord.

That there will also be a spirit of ministry to serve one another and the people of Sweden with true servant leadership.