Mar 182011

Report Oslo Oct 27-31

We left Copenhagen with mission accomplished and well done faithful servants, but there was no entry into rest today.

As we got off the plane in Oslo, we went straight to a meeting. The Norwegian prayer council were hosting us with representatives from different parts of Norway. Our hosts shared a meal with us in the Markus church and then we listened to a vision of a prayer house for the city. The evening meeting was quite spontaneous and prophetic. We were then brought to our lodging in a big house with nice beds. We fell asleep tired after a long day.

Prayer-walking the University of OsloThe next day, we met in the headquarters of the Billy Graham association that was preparing an evangelistic event Nov 11-12. It was a joy to support them in prayer for the breakthrough in the city. In the afternoon we split up in 3 teams praying at strategic places in town. The prayers seemed to be inspired and flowing from God’s heart. The reports were good afterwards. We brought what we carried, the prophetic intercession and we encouraged the national prayer council to get more of this in the whole nation. We prayed for impartation to the leaders. This and the rising of the (good part of) Viking spirit came back many times. God is about to release this in Norway when they will break out of passivity and become brave warriors for the Kingdom.

Full Team in front of Norwegian ParliamentThe 3rd day, we were praying a lot with the national prayer council for strategy for the future. Then we were able to prophecy for the 10 leaders that were there, giving them about an hour of prophecy each. No need to say that this was very encouraging for them. They said that at least 95% of what was prophesied was spot on. This was of course very encouraging for us too.

Praying for Oslo from above the cityThe last 2 days our program was much softer. We went to Holmenkollen, the famous ski-jumping arena, from where we also prayed for the city. We had more debriefing in the team. It was a busy program, but despite this they all did well and were able to minister and pray powerfully in the capitals. We thank God for the opportunity of being part of this. People in the team were also able to link up with their Norwegian heritage some hundred years back and could get that blessing over their lives as a bonus.

All glory to Him.

Jan 302012

Report Copenhagen Oct 24-26.

Morning worship and planning15 of us arrived from abroad hosted by about 25 people from Aglow Denmark (, Prayerhouses Denmark ( and a local church which hosted our morning meetings. The intercessors in Denmark were all quite experienced, so it was easy to go ahead with the prayer assignment. The program was quite full; morning worship and preparation to go out, afternoon prayerwalks in the city in several teams at many strategic locations, evenings with worship again.

On the first afternoon 15 of us were invited in the town hall by a Christian candidate for the next elections. It was a blessed time with God’s presence. The politician was very much touched as we prophesied over him. He thanked us for the special words. We also got another answer of prayer next morning as we had prayed that God would remove candidates that shouldn’t go for the election. The headline news said that one very liberal politician had withdrawn her candidacy because of some scandal of corruption. This was of course very encouraging for to see such a quick answer of prayer.

The second afternoon all 40 of us were invited by a Christian MP to visit the parliament. This MP was also very touched as we prophesied over him. It’s powerful when they can hear God speak to them. When God comes through in such a way, it does something that human words and discussion cannot do. It is the awareness of His presence in the affairs of men.

On the third day we changed our program a little as God brought to our attention the influence of the freemasons in the city. So we went to an enormous Freemason building in town. Apparently it’s the biggest in Europe. It seems untouchable, but by faith and obedience we pray and God will take care of the rest.

We also had a good opportunity to minister and prophecy over all the Danish intercessors. This was a very big encouragement to them also as God shared a lot of His thoughts for them and their future.

The team from abroad stayed in Soli Deo Gloria, that has just been rented by YWAM-Copenhagen ( This was a Christian coffee bar from the 70’s and now it’s getting back to their initial calling again. As a bonus to the prayer in town, we were able to lead worship and then prophecy for about 30 minutes some of God’s future plans for the place. We left Copenhagen satisfied with the conviction of mission well accomplished.