Why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain?
… the One enthroned laughs…
Therefore, be wise, be warned, you rulers of the earth… (Psalm 2)

I have given you the keys of the Kingdom…(Matt16:19)

  • Go in teams and pray in every Capital of Europe.
  • Pray for the governments, the authorities and the nations in general.
  • Mobilise and encourage intercession for Europe within the Body of Christ and believe God for a spiritual breakthrough.
  • How?: Travel to 2-4 Capitals 3-4 times a year. So it will take several years to pray in the 48 Capitals. Before each prayer trip there will be a 5-day teaching session organized with mature intercessors or (wo)men of God. People will have the choice to come for one prayer trip or all, for none to 12 teaching sessions. We believe that when the teaching is spread out, we can better assimilate it. And when it’s a steady practise of what we learn over a long period we will take the habits of an intercessor and really be formed into one.
  • When?: The first teaching time started in January 2011 in Strasbourg and was followed by a prayer trip in Strasbourg, Luxemburg and Brussels since these Capitals are also where the European governmental ministries are seated.  For subsequent trips, places and details will be discussed and prayed over in the organizing team, and communicated as soon as we have decided. The same will be true for the speaker and the theme for each trip.
  • Who?: There are already intercessors in every Capital. And they have prayed much more than we have in these places. So we will need these intercessors to guide us in the cities and we will hopefully encourage them. From them we can get informed about the natural and spiritual history of the Capital.

A typical 2-day prayer stop in the Capitals might include:

In the mornings: (9-12 a.m.)

  • Welcome and introduction
  • A time of worship
  • A time when we hear the (spiritual) history of the Capital
  • A time of prayer

In the afternoons: (2-6 p.m.)

  • Walk 2 by 2 or 3 in the Capital praying and listening to God for the whole afternoon. You can of course stop at a café for a break.

In the evening: (8-10 p.m.)

  • Sharing what people have received
  • Prayer and strategize for the next day

The second morning: (9-12 a.m.)

  • A short time of worship prayer and commitment
  • Go to different places in the Capitals, especially places that have marked the city; like places of covenants (good and evil), bloodshed, etc.  Depending on the cities and the number of people we can split up in 2-3 teams

The second afternoon: (2-5 p.m.)

  • Go to the parliament building and pray for the authorities

The second evening:

  • A time of debriefing, worship and prayer

Next day travel to the next Capital. And then another 2 day prayer stop the day after and so on…..

The costs for every trip will vary depending on if we are in the south or the north of Europe and if we travel in cars/bus or by plane. We will set up the different prices for each session and trip as soon as we have calculated it. We want to make it as cheap as possible but can’t do this before we know our accommodations.

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